Mercury on Leo 24: A Hindu Yogi Sitting Concentrating On Inner Spiritual Attainment

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill


Hindu Yogi On Bed Of NailsIf you’re finding it a bit hard to do anything, to move forward or to get out of your own way, Mercury here could be one reason why. What with the enormity of the Saturn transits now, it tends to add to the feeling of treading water in mud. Still, a lot of inner work can be done now, and taking some time out for yourself may be just the ticket.

The pick below is of a ‘Hindu Yogi’ sitting on a bed of nails. Does this resonate with what you’re seeing, feeling, hearing, etc, at the moment?

This Symbol shows a ‘Hindu Yogi’ sitting in contemplation, totally concentrating on inner spiritual attainment. It implies a desire to contact spirit and to be in touch with one’s body, often through the practice of meditation or yoga. This is a wonderful degree of spiritual striving, however there could be a feeling of imbalance; it is as if some aspects of your life are put on hold in favor of some central issue. This can lead to a loss of holistic balance if you’re ‘totally concentrated upon inner spiritual attainment’. Being too committed to spiritual or emotional concerns can lead one to lose touch with more immediate, physical matters. However, a sense of focus on something that is very important can bring enormous rewards.

Health issues. Mind over body. Body over mind. Gymnasiums and fitness. Yoga and yogis. Extreme states of meditation. Physical fitness. Total concentration. Exercise.

The Caution: Not paying attention to the body or physical needs OR being bound up in physical fitness denying one’s emotional and spiritual needs. Obsessions.

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