Mercury On Libra 12: Coal Miners Emerging From A Coal Mine

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

The Sabian Symbol for Mercury is Libra 12: MINERS ARE EMERGING FROM A DEEP COAL MINE – what is being brought up now deep from your subconscious?

Women MinersThis Symbol shows the need to delve deep within your self or into a subject to find answers. There is often a challenge in being able to go deeply enough to come up with what’s really sought. But it is not enough to just find the message, you need to bring what you’ve learnt into the light of day so that you can benefit from this passage and breathe more freely. It’s time to stop operating in the dark, to come to the surface and stop working so hard. There are rewards, however, from the passage into the depths; you can bring up jewels that otherwise would have remained underground, or undiscovered, or not revealed to the light.

Release from labor. Coming into the light transformed. Caves, miners. Deep subconscious healing. Messages emerging. Extracting information. Drilling for answers. Lungs. Hypnotherapy.

The Caution: Gloomy outlook on life. Not seeing the light or potentials. Asthma, breathing problems. Being the ‘canary’ in the mine. Depression. Working too hard.

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