Mercury On Taurus 27: An Old Indian Woman Selling Beads And Trinkets

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

The Sabian Symbol for Mercury is Taurus 27: AN OLD INDIAN WOMAN SELLING BEADS AND TRINKETS

An Old Indian Woman Selling Beads And TrinketsDo you feel that you get paid for the things you produce? For your work? Your art or crafts? Do you feel that you are valued? That you place enough value on your work?

This Symbol indicates having talents and skills and crafts that reflect one’s culture or abilities. Don’t underestimate yourself and do only what you think others believe you are capable of. These very limitations are telling you of hidden talents and skills that you probably just take for granted. There is something very worthwhile on offer here, don’t wait for passersby to stop and pay attention. Others may think you’re more talented and special than you realize. Get out and show your talents and abilities.

Older, wiser elements of society making offerings to younger, less integrated. Worthy skills. Handicrafts. Artifacts of the tribe or clan. Quiet determination to succeed.

The Caution: Looking down on those that seem less fortunate. Underestimating the true worth of one’s job, hobby or craft. Bickering over money. Sweat shops and slave labor.

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