Mercury On The Coal Miners Degree: Libra 12

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Mercury, retrograde, is on Libra 12: MINERS ARE EMERGING FROM A DEEP COAL MINE

Women MinersMercury here speaks of the gifts that can be brought to the surface through a period of exploration into the depths. Right before the lunar eclipse, we have this opportunity to dig down to the pits in order to bring up previously hidden resources – to find the diamond that has come into being from the sometimes incredible pressure that has been brought to bear in your life.

What insights are you gleaning? Are you feeling some remorse, shame or guilt from the past? Are you feeling the need to ‘wash your face’ – to remove the grime or the darkness that might be hanging around from memories of the past? What is it that is dead and you’re still ‘mining away’, digging and digging and wondering what happens if you dig right through the earth and end up in China? 🙂

Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, is asking us to dig deep to see what we can dredge up. This is the second of three passes of Mercury over this degree during this retrograde phase… we will get to check it out again early in October.

I include the pic of Robin Williams as it so perfectly shows this degree, Libra 12, and, it shows Libra 13, as well. Remember that Mercury is retrograde, yesterday, we had Mercury on Libra 13: Children Blowing Soap Bubbles – this is a degree that speaks of fun for fun’s sake, words and writing and thoughts and creativity… it’s a degree of lightheartedness and one that leads out of the depths when we go from the Coal Miners to the Children With Soap Bubbles. In this instance, with Mercury retrograde, we are going from the Children Blowing Soap Bubbles back to the Coal Mine degree.

Perhaps we need some of that “soap” to wash the black coal dust from our faces, bodies, lungs and clothing. In other words, what needs to be recognised for what it really is in order to let go of it. As we bring the things we find up to the surface, we can see them more truly in the clear light of day.

This Symbol shows the need to delve deep within your self or into a subject to find answers.Coal Miners and Children Blowing Soap Bubbles There is often a challenge in being able to go deeply enough to come up with what’s really sought. But it is not enough to just find the message, you need to bring what you’ve learnt into the light of day so that you can benefit from this passage and breathe more freely. It’s time to stop operating in the dark, to come to the surface and stop working so hard. There are rewards, however, from the passage into the depths; you can bring up jewels that otherwise would have remained underground, or undiscovered, or not revealed to the light.

Release from labor. Coming into the light transformed. Caves, miners. Deep subconscious healing. Messages emerging. Extracting information. Drilling for answers. Lungs. Hypnotherapy.

The Caution: Gloomy outlook on life. Not seeing the light or potentials. Asthma, breathing problems. Being the ‘canary’ in the mine. Depression. Working too hard.

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