Mercury On The Fat Boy Mowing The Lawn: Sagittarius 29

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Mercury is on Sagittarius 29: A FAT BOY MOWING THE LAWN

Fat Bow Mowing The LawnWhat is it that you *have to do*? What chores are yo faced with? Are you feeling hard done by with all that needs to be done? Do you have support? Help? Encouragement?
NB: After I have posted this, I am putting on my dacks and going outside to mow the lawn… literally

This Symbol speaks about the ability, or the need, to keep things neat, clean and tidy and looking nice. The “Fat Boy” has all he needs; he’s well fed, supposedly has lots of toys (tools, machines, hobbies) and he’s out in the yard helping out. This degree shows the need for everyone to get in and help out on the domestic level, but also to be able to do what needs to be done where it needs to be done.

However, sometimes we find that people are paying more attention to appearances than to the finer details or life or those things that others can’t see. Many people are fooled by appearances, but there is usually an unsettling feeling that everything is not quite right. Have people been asking and asking for chores to be done? Enlist the help of those around you to get through everything, even those who normally just sit around and do nothing!

Superficial shows of work. Maintenance. Spare parts. Doing odd jobs. Coming to grips with mechanical tools. Training youngsters how to do chores. Spark plugs. Petrol. Cleaning up.

The Caution: Pushing social respectability while avoiding something. The ‘lounge lizard’. Having too many jobs. Ignoring the nagging of others. Incompetent help.

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  • DC

    I keep looking at the Lawn and cant find it under the overgrowth of weeds.
    The whipper-snipper will have its work cut out for it tomorrow.
    I am hoping for rain.

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