Mercury On The Looking For Nourishment Degree: Cancer 18

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill


Hen Scratching For Her ChicksAre you able to provide for yourself and others? What ‘nourishment’ are you getting? Do you feel like you are always scratching around in order to make ends meet? Do you have youngsters who rely on you when they could perhaps be looking after their own needs? Are you happy to be the mother hen for others?

This Symbol shows the essential need for nourishment that must be satisfied in order to proceed in life. The Hen needs to be there for her Chicks in order for them to grow and mature in safety. There are those around you who also depend on your ability to provide nourishment, both the literal food, and the symbolic, spiritual caring. Getting down to business and finding what nourishes will bring improvement and growth with small beginnings growing into fabulous and successful outcomes. This degree points to the mother hen in us all but we must be careful not to overprotect or fuss about our brood.

Searching for sustenance. Being devoted to the nurturing of small beginnings. Concern for the essential, small details. Repetitive cycles of things that have to be done.

The Caution: Pointless searching where there is no nourishment left. Fussing around. Not letting people grow up and take responsibility for themselves. Being looked after.

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