Mercury On The Marriage Ceremony Degree: Cancer 19

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill


Priest Performing A Marriage CeremonyThere are many forms of ‘marriage’ ceremonies – we can find love through another, through seeing the beauty in those around us, and, we can also find the ‘marriage ceremony’ through finding that beauty within ourselves… the inner marriage in which we face our own shadows and accept all the shades of black and white and in between.

This Symbol speaks of the ability, or the necessity, of bringing people together so they may enjoy, grow and learn from each other. It turns out that the simplest expressions of the heart and mind often need to be acknowledged in a ritualistic performance so that we feel we are indulging in the customs and traditions of our society. There is a need for a sense of blessing from a higher power. Whether this is about an actual ‘Marriage Ceremony’, a hand-fasting ceremony, or some other kind of bonding ritual, there’s a need for people to come together to make commitments and vows to each other.

Sanctified unity. Expressions of loyalty and the making of sacred vows. Making levels of commitment. Psychoanalysis that binds and bonds people together. Accepting the shadow.

The Caution: Rigidly following established rules at the expense of ways that have greater personal relevance. The forcing of people together. Bondage to social expectations.

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