Mercury On The Super Galactic Centre: Libra 2 – Ascension To A New Way Of Being

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Mercury is on the Super Galactic Centre – it’s on Libra 2: THE LIGHT OF THE SIXTH RACE TRANSMUTED TO THE SEVENTH

ascension_daliDo you feel that you are, or that you need to, spiritually evolving in some way? That you need the company of others who are on a spiritual path? Do you feel that you’re ready for a shift in consciousness? That it’s time to let go of the past?

Mercury on the SGC can be a very, very powerful time of manifesting the things you want in life and the coming days of transits over the first 5 or 6 degrees of Libra bring the possibility, or the promise, of being able to transcend the more difficult parts of your life to move into a new state of being.

This Symbol shows a time of new beginnings with an implementation of a brand new order. Often, people with this degree are interested in attaining spiritual transformation and attainment. As you change and grow there’s a need to respect the value of what is waning, and take the best qualities with you into your future. This often shows people who are within reach of their ultimate potential. Some aspects of society are left behind for a higher, more evolved state. Ascension to a higher order is pictured, but there is a need to remain rooted in the reality of practicality, lest one loses one’s way.

Transference of the best of the past into the present. Younger, more vital energies taking over. Theosophy. Blavatsky’s theories. Finding kindred spirits. Ascension and the New Age.

The Caution: Losing touch with practical survival. Discrimination against the ‘lower classes’ or less evolved. Being a space-cadet. Leaving others behind as ‘not worthy’.

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