Mercury On Virgo 19: A Swimming Race

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

The Sabian Symbol for Mercury is Virgo 19: A SWIMMING RACE

YSwimming Raceou may find yourself in competition over emotional issues or working your way through shared emotions and hoping to win, or to come out on top. It is through training and practice and the controlled use of your emotions that success can be achieved. It is this experience that you must call on now. Work hard at achieving the win for rewards in the larger picture (club, school, country) or for winning the race leaving purely personal gains behind may be the answer.

Have you determined your outcomes? Have you got goals in mind? Are you competing in the race? Do you feel like you’re on the sidelines? Are you feeling the heat of competition? Are you sticking to your ‘lane’? Do you sense that others are ‘competing’ with you, even though you just want to get on with your own race? Are you tired from having to push yourself? Do you, perhaps, need more physical, emotional or spiritual training?

Looking sideways to see how others are coping with the strain of competition. Competing with one’s emotions. Wanting to be first at everything.

The Caution: Allowing the competitive spirit to dominate emotional sensitivity. Always going for “the win”.

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