Mercury On Virgo 3: Guardian Angels Bringing Protection

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill


The Song of the Angels  William BouguereauThere are all sorts of ways that ‘guardian angels’ can turn up. Perhaps you are doing that for others, perhaps others are doing it for you. They can, if you’re paying attention, bring you a sense of love and care and not being alone in amongst it all.

This Symbol brings a strong sense that you are protected, guided and directed and therefore you will find the true path you must follow. Feeling good about your direction, and being protected builds your inner strength. You are never alone with this Symbol, always being looked after in times of stress or indecision. Your angels are with you, but you probably need to remember them and thank them for their guidance and influence in your life. With this degree there is often a sense of help arriving at just the right time or people showing up who have your best interests at heart.

Connecting with inner guidance. Invisible protection. Salvation. Creative solutions to problems that seemed hopeless or lost. Counseling and advice. Security systems.

The Caution: Feeling lost and alone. Expecting that fate or someone else will always pick up the pieces. Resisting help in order to hang onto your ‘wounds’. Victim status.

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