Mercury Retrograde And The Super Galactic Center

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Mercury, as we know, is retrograde. It went retrograde on Libra 16: AFTER A STORM, A BOAT LANDING STANDS IN NEED OF RECONSTRUCTION

Beaching A Big Boat Sea Bright, NJPeople, all over the world, in all walks of life, are no doubt feeling this in one way or another. The loss of so many lives with refugees fleeing war in boats is just one manifestation of this degree; so many things, so many, needed to be put into place to manage the sheer flood of people – with very little groundwork ready to receive them. Perhaps you have had to ‘rebuild’ some aspect of your life lately?

Mercury is now on Libra 15: CIRCULAR PATHS

Mercury is on this degree for a few days, and, last week, it spent days on this degree as it wasCircular Paths2 slowing down on this degree, ready to go retrograde. We will revisit this degree around the 24th October, when Mercury goes direct over it for the last time in this round of the zodiac. We will then have more issues to do with relationships staring us in the face, especially with Mercury passing over Libra 18 and 19 around the 26th and 27 October.

October is a big month to get straight around the issue of relationships (of all kinds, but committed relationship issues will take the forefront for many, whether in a relationship or not. During October, Venus, Mars and Jupiter are transiting Virgo – the twelve house of Libra. This can bring up issues that have been shoved in the ‘too hard basket’, ‘in the closet’ or been too difficult to deal with. A healing can take place, especially as we have the north node continuing it’s six long journey over the Super Galactic Center – bringing about the possibility to examine and create our preferred realities.

Do you have a sense of going around in circles in some manner? Are you seeing yourself repeating the same old habits, thoughts, going over issues, returning to places of the past that no longer serve you, perhaps?

This Symbol implies issues to do with ever repeating cycles of activity that often lead one around in circles or back to where one began. ‘Circular Paths’ lead us around and around and there may indeed be a feeling of being back where you started, but remember the experience and learning you have gained on your journey to where you are now. There is a cosmic rhythm and cycle, but when you return to what seems to be where you started, you will have new experience and new skills. However, if you’re not getting anywhere it can be because of addictive behavior that continually leads to the same result.

Going round and round. The secure path that leads nowhere. Crop circles. The wheels of progress. Circular machinery. Repetition. Merry-go-rounds. Cosmic rhythms. Labyrinths.

The Caution: Being lost in small details. Sweating the small stuff. Episodes that repeat themselves. Boredom. Addictive cycles that are hard to get rid of. Treadmills.


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