Mercury Retrograde On Aquarius 13: The Barometer Degree

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Mercury is retrograde on Aquarius 13: A BAROMETER

BarometerIs your ‘barometer’ picking up on things more strongly than usual? How are your bunions going? 🙂 Are you sensing that people are sniffing the air and wondering what they next move is?

With Mercury retrograding over this degree, there may be decisions hanging in the air, just waiting for the right moment to take action. I have a feeling for many that there needs to be a little more information to hand before actually committing to what it is that you are going to do.

This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to be able to measure what’s going on in the atmosphere around you, whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual or on an etheric level. You could feel rather sensitive to changes or shifts going on around you and you can pick them up far more than most people. Not only shifts in “Barometric” pressure, but shifts in temperature and mood can be picked up, almost like you have antennae. You may need to plan for future action, and you need to know what to expect or at least anticipate. You will find in your own sensitivity the instrument that perceives the possibilities of upcoming events. You may be a “translator” for others, bearing useful messages and being able to read the environment.

Measured responses. Perceiving subtle changes. Insight. Knowing when rain or storms are coming. Anticipating shifts. Opinion polls. Indicators. Reading the atmosphere.

The Caution: Fear of change. Constantly looking to fashions or fads. Watching, waiting to see how other people react, seemingly with no will of one’s own. Having no anchor.

Lynda Hill
Lynda is one of the world’s top astrologers. Her book, The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees of Wisdom, is recognised as the premier resource on the Sabian Symbols, a unique set of images based on the zodiac.
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