Mercury Retrograde On The Love Birds Degree: Aquarius 15

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill


Love Birds Sitting On A FenceJust as I posted this right this minute, the kookaburras started going off…. I love their laughter. What’s so funny about this one, eh? Well, we can sit on the freaking fence for a long time, especially with Mercury retrograde here… we are perhaps working something out. What are our boundaries? Who is on the ‘fence’ with us? Are we sitting on opposite sides of the fence? Do we have dividing lines between us? Are we trying to get a grip on what a relationship/friendship/situation is all about? Is it causing us to pause in order to gather new information or material? Will this work for us? Have we already been doing this for too long? Does the ‘other’ in the situation feel the same way, or are they diametrically opposed? Is this a dead horse that’s being flogged?

This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, for being able to enjoy relationships, to share in the joy and camaraderie that can come from being part of a couple, or from enjoying your friends and their relationships. “Singing” and making statements about love can bring happiness to those nearby and lift the spirits of all involved. There may be a feeling of contentment, pleasure, commitment and enjoyment of your partnership. However, is this really based on taking an uninvolved or non-committed position – “Sitting on a Fence”? Perhaps you find it difficult to actually commit one way or the other. To choose invites risks of separation, but conviction eventually needs to be chosen or rejected.

Faith in love or waiting for signs to commit. Friendship and companionship. Fences, borders and barriers. Showing love. Mating for life. Honest communications.

The Caution: Failing to ever commit. Sitting on the fence. Waiting to see what the other will do. Being stuck when one would rather fly off and be free. Neighborhood disputes.

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