Mercury’s On The Rainbow After The Storm Degree: Leo 26

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Mercury is on Leo 26 and it’s approaching Venus and Jupiter over the next few days. The Sabian Symbol for Mercury is Leo 26: AFTER A HEAVY STORM, A RAINBOW APPEARS

Realization rainbow[This is very interesting, especially in the light of the fact that Mars has been on Cancer 27 the last few days…. Cancer 27: A FURIOUS STORM IN A CANYON FILLED WITH VALUABLE HOMES (everyone’s home is ‘valuable’).]

Look for the ‘rainbow’ after the ‘storm’…

This Symbol shows the relief and beauty that a rainbow can bring after a storm has cleared. A sense of relief can flood over you as you realize that the sun is coming out and the birds are beginning to sing again. There may be times of difficulties and obstacles in your life, but take heart as it seems that there will always be the rainbow as a reward and the end result will be O.K. Still, you probably need to be periodically reassured by a clear sign that better times are definitely coming. Remember, without the storm there would be no possibility of the blessing of the rainbow. Try wearing colorful clothes, open the windows and the doors and get outside into the sunshine.

Release from stress. Spirit returning to infuse one with its energy. Relief, rest and recuperation. The joy of survival. Peace restored. Rainbows and light. Hope and faith.

The Caution: Selfish thoughts about the rewards inherent in conflicts. Not knowing when to cheer up. Bouncing around and creating dramas. Constant turmoil. Seeking storms.

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