My Father’s Funeral And The Sense Of Loss And Of Love

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

ascension_daliWe had Dad’s funeral service yesterday. It was beautiful – very heartfelt – he would have loved it. It reflected him very nicely… no mention of religion, no proselytizing… what a relief. They spoke about his love of astrology, dowsing (which I introduced him to) and Edgar Cayce and how he was very open to the esoteric. He loved his ‘crystal’ as he called it, his pendulum and used it often during the last few years and particularly his last days. He was very attached to that pendulum.

It was a lovely service. I am feeling somewhat depleted. I guess that is normal.

And today, my lovely son Joel is taking Tigger, our 18 year old gorgeous half Burmese half tabby street cat, to the vet to be put down. She is at the end of her days and it’s the right thing to do… it sure is stirring up feelings of loss for me… and, I feel that loss is not the right word. But, it will do. Joel and Tigger live miles from me, otherwise I would go and be a part of it, but then it’s probably best if I continue to move slowly.

I’m having a little too much Saturn on my Sun and Moon and finding it hard to do anything…. almost no motivation. Just stillness.

Oh well, life can be like that.

Thanks, all, for your lovely thoughts about my father. I so appreciate it and appreciate you. And for those who have lost someone and are feeling that loss, I send hugs and much love.

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  • Karen Bolek

    Sending much love your way, Lynda. Take good care of yourself, as your father would want you to do.

  • Helio C

    Dear Lynda: my heart goes out to you, losing a loved one is one of if not the most stressful parts of our journey on earth. The lack of energy is a sign to take time to stop in silence to receive the secret of eternal life. Your father’s new journey beyond the veil distills wisdom and understanding to his soul and everyone connected. Such glorious climatic experience is sure catch our attention in realms beyond our senses nearly blinding us of all else.
    May love and gratitude fill our hearts in the memory of our beloved departed…

    • Lynda

      Thanks, Helio C, yes, it’s a curious journey and one with many rewards. I am taking things slowly and getting some refills into my emotional, spiritual and physical self. 🙂 Cheers, Lynda xx

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