Nature Spirits And Fairies: Are We Off With The Pixies?

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Venus is on Scorpio 28: THE KING OF THE FAIRIES APPROACHING HIS DOMAIN – here we are again, not wanting to piss off the fairies…

Warning Dont Piss Off The Fairies - AngelsThis Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to feel at ease and in charge of your home, territory or domain. You may have been searching for where you belong or where your “Domain” is. Although you may at times be off looking for this, feeling alien and alone won’t work; there’s a need to feel accepted, welcomed and loved. There may be the feeling of wanting to be a dominant leader or having a doting populace. As long as egos are in control, this can be a fabulous experience of ‘returning home’, a nice, and calm and spiritual place to be. Also, this degree can show a world of one’s own creation or imagination – which can be fabulously rewarding although it can also be rather ungrounded in reality.

Imaginary worlds. Finding a place to fit in and feel comfortable. Feeling in charge and in demand. Returning home. Taking command of your life. Fairies, nature spirits. Elves.

The Caution: An imaginary world. Dependence on trickery. Someone acting like a ‘hot shot’. Lording it over people. Being impotent. Feeling locked out. Homelessness.

Curiously, I woke up this morning to an email saying my domain name had automatically renewed. Ha, the Sabian Symbols can be so incredibly literal like that.

Do you know where your domain is? Do you feel safe, secure and respected?

Taking things lightly may be the message of this time, especially with Venus and Mercury in a lovely sextile aspect.

Mercury on Capricorn 26: A NATURE SPIRIT DANCING IN THE MIST OF A WATERFALL – we may need to remember to ‘dance’, to enjoy life, to be light-hearted.

This Symbol shows skipping lightly over the surface of life, dancing and playing. You may feel emotionally light and almost mischievous. The worries of life and the deeper parts of your feelings are ignored as you effortlessly flit over the surface of any troubles. Whilst this is, essentially, a beautiful symbol of a joy, harmony and a ‘lightness of being’, there may be an element of feeling cut off from your body, or reality. This can lead to a sense of alienation or difficulty in knowing where to land or evading problems by ignoring them or rising above them.King Of The Fairies Approach His Domain

Effervescent spirits. Dancing in a carefree manner. Water and fun. Peter Pan attitudes. Celebrations of the natural world. Waterfalls. Mist. Nymphs, fairies. Subtle energies.

The Caution: Irresponsibility, avoidance of real situations. Not taking anything seriously. Escapism. Moving, or flying, around. Perceptions of light. Fear of dark places. Naïve.

The trick is: There might be misunderstandings and quick tempers flaring up as Mercury is moving into a square with Mars in Libra. Mars in Libra tries to keep a sense of equilibrium – “it’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok, IT’S SO NOT OK!!” – we can find our apple carts upset rather easily and issues can come up rather unexpectedly. The trick is to rise above situations and take a heightened perspective.


AirplaneThis Symbol shows the ability to transcend strife and rise above issues. You can feel above situations and are being carried away and beyond the mundane towards something completely new. You can sail above issues and avoid more everyday, down-to-earth problems. Having a calm, objective and somewhat detached way of observing life reveals a lot to you. Don’t, however, get so far above things that you feel removed entirely from what’s really going on in reality. This won’t help when you need to employ practical solutions or have a need to really deal with life and its ramifications.

Transcending difficulties. Optimism that knows no bounds. Having a bird’s eye view. Airplanes, birds, flight. Roller-coaster rides. The need for navigation. Objectivity.

The Caution: Difficulty seeing the details of what’s going on. Escape from reality. Running out of fuel. Egoism. Playing with gravity. Disconnection from the real world.

Providing a lovely counter-point to the energies of Mercury and Mars squaring each other is Jupiter trining Mercury from Virgo 24: MARY AND HER WHITE LAMB – Jupiter is stationing retrograde on this degree, so this Symbol is highlighted for some time and becomes a big message for this period of time as we go into 2016. Where do we need to soften our approach to others? Where might we recognise co-dependent behaviour? Are there those who hang onto you rather too tightly? Does someone watch your every move? Do you find that you, or others, feel sewn at the hip with you?

This Symbol can show purity of motive and pure and wonderful relationships and Mary and Her White Lambfriendships. However, it can also point to dependence or codependence where people can’t stand to be separate. Hence, relationships may need to be assessed to see how healthy they actually are. The need for constant reassurance that everything is OK can be wearing and put a strain on those involved. Keeping a sense of innocence and purity will lift you up and out of any problems. Be loving and be there for others, but don’t let things get out of hand as you could find yourself sewn at the hip with another and not able to get any free time for yourself.

Simple childlike innocence or pure escapism. Feeling stuck in a relationship. No room to move. Kindness. Friendship. Bonds between people or pets. Looking out for someone.

The Caution: Avoidance of the real picture. Naiveté. Doubting motives of others. Paranoia. Stalking. Doe-eyed attraction. Jealousy through favoritism. Being the black sheep.

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