Your Sabian Symbols are a template to the course and unfolding of your life. A chart is like a snap-shot in time – it is a moment of significance that is ripe with meaning and guidance. The Sabian Symbols for your chart can show up in many ways in your life – in a literal way, in an emotional, spiritual or intellectual sense. You may find that some of them seem to map others, or events in your life, and this can be true in ways that are amazing – especially with the Sabian Symbols – but all of it is a reflection of that moment in time that you were born.

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Sun is on Leo 13


This Symbol shows the need for quiet reflection, to look back at past experiences, especially those times that were threatening or exhausting in some way. Take some time for a little solitude and contemplate the overall picture of your life. You may want to read, go over past memories, indeed, write your memoirs. When back into the business of life you will be refreshed and have a better idea of how you fit in and what you want to achieve. Symbol can sometimes indicate wanting to retire and withdraw from life too much so that it interferes with the ability to make a living or feel like contributing to society.

Retreating to one's inner self and reflecting. Quiet confidence in conquering life's storms and come out wiser. Observing life from afar. Rocking chairs, cottages and verandahs.

The Caution: Ignoring what is possible now in favor of memories. Inability to get going. Being lazy and immobile. Being a lounge-lizard. Wanting others to look after you.

Sun symbolizes: One’s core center, spirit, heart, issues to do with father, men, self, ego, your male side. How you radiate your sense of being. What others see, how you are recognized or remembered, sense of identity and connection with male energy – yours and others.

Moon is on Sagittarius 26


This Symbol shows standing up in “Battle” carrying the “Flag” for your nation, political, social or moral beliefs, or for some issue that needs defending or supporting. The “Flag-Bearer” is often the one ‘out front’, in front of the situation or the army; the one who’s unarmed and yet determined to represent their side. You may feel that there have been achievements done by you or others that need to be acknowledged. Responsibilities pile up on you, and the struggle is not always easy. Don't worry, though, although everyone around you is busy, they are noticing your leadership abilities. You are often the linchpin of the whole situation.

The courage of convictions. Standing up for ideals. A messenger or an advocate. Blogging. Open to attack. Brave and upright. David and Goliath. Ensigns. Flags. Wearing the colors.

The Caution: The sacrificial lamb. Overzealous idealism. Empty shows of courage. The fear of stepping out of line. Not knowing when to back off. An inability to keep quiet.

Moon symbolizes: Emotions, moods, mother, family, clan, domestic issues, relationship to home and country. Feelings, sentiments, nourishment, emotional nurturing, monkey chatter mind, lunar and menstrual cycles, clarity of emotions or lunacy. Female energy – yours and others.

Mercury is on Virgo 2


In the situation facing you, you may feel like you’re being treated like a scapegoat “hung out to dry”; punished for doing something or being different or special. Signposts and other expressions of faith have a powerful influence. Instead of having a “cross to bear’, we can work at realigning ourselves with our true desires and allegiances. This can lead to a stronger sense of purpose and spirituality, dissipating feelings of sacrifice, separation or loneliness. Believing that suffering is the way to salvation has significance for many, but what does it really mean? Don't sacrifice for others; you may not get much appreciation for doing it anyway.

Religion dominating. The fear or wonder of God. Following a mystic path. Monuments to pain and suffering. Reminders of salvation and faith. Images of redemption. Isolation.

The Caution: Aloneness or sacrifice or yearning for it. Dogmatism. Being a scapegoat. Symbols that inspire guilt and anguish instead of love, acceptance and forgiveness.

Mercury symbolizes: Mind, thought, communication, memory, expression, intelligence. News, exchanges, chatting, conversations, short journeys, connections with others, telephones, emails, siblings, neighbors, the reasoning mind. Day-to-day activities. Cars, keys, small animals,

Venus is on Virgo 25


This Symbol points to recognition for a life well lived or for a notable contribution to society or someone in the public eye. This is about carrying a task through to completion, or, having the enormous desire to leave something, a legacy perhaps, to society that is worth commemorating or celebrating. It also signals a time for letting something go or knowing when to give up or let go. It shows recognition of what's been accomplished. A life may have been lost, or a project finished. This can produce a feeling that something has passed from your life. Grieving may be necessary, however so is assimilating what it took to get where you are, and for moving forward again into the future.

Public tribute and recognition. Walking away or leaving. Signs for all to see. Having the power to sway the masses. Obituaries. Public holidays. Taking time to grieve.

The Caution: Feeling an obligation to carry on without taking time to mourn loss. Denying your life in order to fulfill some social function. Hypocritical mourning.

Venus symbolizes: Relatedness, cooperation, what attracts you. The experience of sweetness, beauty or delight. Social interactions, love, friends, how you reach out to people. Feminine persona, relationship with mother and females. Money, possessions, sense of values.

Mars is on Gemini 15


This Symbol shows that you should be able to feel relaxed and comfortable with friends and able to speak your own truth. There's a need for clarity and for those of like mind to communicate spontaneous and creative ideas with each other. Feeling cut off and isolated because your beliefs or language are different from other people can propel you to finding those you can share your thoughts or your 'studies' with. There is usually, or should be, at least one person around you who can give you advice or lend you an ear when you need to express yourself in your own unique way to someone who understands.

Sharing innocent and carefree thoughts and ideals. Exchanging views with like-minded individuals. Finding a soul mate. Chitchatting about everyday life. Talking for hours.

The Caution: Failing to communicate. Taking an unsophisticated viewpoint. Excluding others as not worthy. Societal or racial prejudice. ‘Hearing voices’ that don't make sense.

Mars symbolizes: : Drive, determination or agenda, how you get to your goals. How you express and handle anger, ambition, assertion of self and ability to step forward. The male principle, sexuality, the ability to step up to the plate when one needs to. Fight or flight.

Jupiter is on Cancer 9


This Symbol speaks of naivety, innocence, beauty and delight in simple things. The young child is trying to grasp at things that seem elusive and fleeting. You may find yourself unable to grasp the meaning of some things that happen in your life, but still fascinated by what is unfolding. Keeping a sense of delight and fun while going after what you want is likely to ultimately bring you the satisfaction you desire. Your position is comparatively innocent and your perceptions are probably rather limited, still lessons will be learnt about what is and what is not possible. Innocently reaching out for experiences can bring rewards and beauty.

Curiosity. Infantile cravings. Fascination with the illusory, grasping at abstractions. Inexperienced sexuality. Childhood games. Objects that cannot be held or captured.

The Caution: Being distracted by simple irrelevancies. The frustration of not getting what one wants. Going after the "sparkling and shining things", no matter how based in reality.

Jupiter symbolizes: The big picture, expansion, exploration, aspirations, religious and philosophical ideals, issues to do with traveling, foreign lands, people and traditions, culture, education, generosity, luck, abundance, support, optimism. Insight through knowledge and wisdom.

Saturn is on Capricorn 7


This degree implies disseminating information or knowledge; there are messages and they are coming from a deep source, or, from a place of authority. Still, it can be difficult to know whether it’s always the truth that is being spoken or that’s coming through. Look carefully for the signs – is it truth that you are being fed? With such power in one's words, we have to be careful about what we say as well as what we hear. This energy can be used for the good of all involved, or it can just lead people astray. Something to watch out for is blind acceptance of things you see or hear. This is a very powerful degree.

Hypnotherapy or hypnotic suggestion. Channeling and medium ship. Having insights that transport to a higher level. Empowerment. Translations. Prophets. Messages. Veils.

The Caution: Conscious manipulation. Propaganda. Mind control. Not owning up to all the elements of one's personality. Barging into other people's space or conversations.

Saturn symbolizes: Authority, rules, discipline and obligation The heavy stuff. What we fear, loss, karma, aging, the establishment, orthodoxy, tradition, status, the concept of time, walls, boundaries, limits, older people, restrictions, patience, conquering difficulties.

Uranus is on Aries 16


The Brownies Symbol is a magical one and it shows that help, given or received, is always available, especially if you believe it and welcome assistance that’s offered. Sometimes your intuitive powers are at a real high but your physical energy may not be. You may be tired and in need of help to get everything done and a lot may be demanded of you. Have faith that there's often invisible assistance around you. You are always being guided and protected. Open your mind to possibilities and listen to the messages from within. Of course, you could be a ‘Brownie’ for someone else, assisting others when they need it.

Reveling in nature. Fairies and nature spirits. Believing in guides. The magic of dusk. Guidance and magic. Synchronicity and things that arrive in the nick of time. Elves.

The Caution: Self-delusions, not getting a true picture of what's happening in the “real-world”. Losing the plot. Neglecting responsibilities. Crying wolf. Always needing help.

Uranus symbolizes: The unexpected, things that are individual or 'different'. Charged, energetic dynamics, electricity, light, lightning bolts, sudden changes, those who live on the fringe of society. Sudden turns and twists of fate. Rebellion, surprises, liberation, freedom.

Neptune is on Virgo 3


This Symbol brings a strong sense that you are protected, guided and directed and therefore you will find the true path you must follow. Feeling good about your direction, and being protected builds your inner strength. You are never alone with this Symbol, always being looked after in times of stress or indecision. Your angels are with you, but you probably need to remember them and thank them for their guidance and influence in your life. With this degree there is often a sense of help arriving at just the right time or people showing up who have your best interests at heart, or, you rescuing others.

Connecting with inner guidance. Invisible protection. Salvation. Creative solutions to problems that seemed hopeless or lost. Counseling and advice. Security systems. Angels.

The Caution: Feeling lost and alone. Expecting that fate or someone will always pick up the pieces. Resisting help in order to hang onto your ‘wounds’. Victim status.

Neptune symbolizes: Mystical, "out there," spirituality and con artists. Dreams, mysteries, mystics and religious issues. Intuition, clairvoyance, seeing into the invisible. Addictive, chaotic, charming, deceptive, illusory, co dependent, sensory awareness.

Pluto is on Cancer 20


This Symbol speaks of the pleasure of romance, singing, being serenaded – although a cliché in its form, it is still often special for the individual. This speaks of the ability to break out from the constraints of social expectations and to let your self float on the pleasure of romance. This is about finding ways to relate that satisfy emotional requirements. Don’t let doubts get in the way of sincere emotions. This is not exactly a time for seriousness; however don't be fooled by insincere charades; employ the ability to see behind the charades that people sometimes play.

Romantic fantasy. Emotional manipulation. Singing and music. Performances. Public speaking. Impressing people with the joy, romance and pleasure of fun. Winning people.

The Caution: Actions and statements masking what's real. Retreating into one's self. Saying what others want to get the right response. Superficial displays. Misplaced trust.

Pluto symbolizes: Unconscious motivation, depth psychology, precinct of deep history.

Chiron is on Taurus 19


This Symbol shows the rising of a new place, a place to be, a new country or somewhere to strive for a new life. It implies that you can find that extra spark to create a brand new, original opportunity. This pictures the beginning of something that holds enormous potential for the future. There is much work to be done developing this into something fertile and productive. A whole new field of activity is coming to light. What you have done in the past has led you to this, but these new beginnings need to be met with a fresh sense of purpose and possibility.

Enormous potentiality emerging. Sudden eruptions of talent or fields of endeavor. New trends and ways of being. Atlantis and ancient underwater cities. Foreign nations.

The Caution: Continually seeking 'new worlds' – not finding a place and cooperation in the existing one. Moving on constantly without finishing up with the old. Fickleness.

Chiron symbolizes: Our wounds and it is known as The Wounded Healer, it also shows The Stories That We Tell Ourselves, it is where we have to focus on healing, it can show things that are out of shape or misplaced or in need of repair.

North Node is on Aries 28


This Symbol shows a sense of being an observer or a spectator, sometimes more than being a participant. You may have an inner critic that analyses things. In fact you might feel as though you, or someone else, have failed and left something wanting. But how much is this because too much was expected in the first place? The ‘Audience’ sometimes only remembers the last performance, so get up and try again. Be aware that you may be your own ‘audience’. Do you feel that things have or haven’t lived up to expectations? Are you missing out through negative projections? Perhaps your need to feel satisfied, to perform or be fulfilled should be more realistic.

Adjustment of expectations. Living through the responses of others. Battling to get a spot. Responses to creative activities. Relying on feedback. Being a spectator. The need to inspire.

The Caution: Feeling sorry because of defeat or frustration. A lot of people feeling emotionally 'wiped-out'. Shattering of illusions. Refusal of entry. Not getting a seat.

North Node symbolizes: This is known as quite a 'karmic point' (although all planets and points in a chart can be'karmic'). One's destiny in this life. The things you are meant to integrate, move towards, become. Destined relationships and relationship issues can show up here.

South Node is on Libra 28


This Symbol shows help, encouragement and assistance coming when one is most in need of it. There can be an inclination to depression with this degree, but it seems that, particularly if faith is employed, there is always some redeeming event or someone helpful turns up and the “Gloom” is dispersed and the light returns to one’s life; there is a realization that things are getting better. It will dawn on you that you are being helped in some way; 'Angels' come to aid those who need them. Don't be afraid to ask for assistance. Have hope, faith, trust and work on changing your attitude and watch hope return.

Realizing you are not alone. Awareness of spiritual help. Angels, friends, helpers. Changes in the weather. Salvation versus depression. Counselors. People who lend a hand.

The Caution: Unrealistic reliance on spiritual agencies or help from others. Gloom. Not recognizing joy. Being alone and forgotten. Refusing help. Up one minute and down the next.

South Node symbolizes: Past karmic patterns to be overcome, can be habits that are good, but can describe things, relationships, issues that you need to let go of, or, hold you back from manifesting your true destiny. Relationships that feel karmic and difficult, memories from the past.

Asc is on Gemini 3


This Symbol speaks of enjoying the finer things in life; luxury, big estates, good food, beautiful gardens, a fabulous social life and mixing with the elite of society. This implies enjoying the rewards of self confidence and authority that you and others have developed and achieved. This does not make you greater or better than others, but the work you've done entitles you to a little luxury, comfort and prestige. Are you relaxed and comfortable enough to be able to sit back and join in with others and enjoy it all?

A loving of tradition. Cultivation of beautiful forms. Symmetry of form shown at its best. Gardens. Statues and fountains. Good food and bottles of wine. Polite society. Politics.

The Caution: Behaving in an elitist fashion. Being bossy. Snobbery that separates people. Being spoiled and shallow. Expecting others to do everything. Class-consciousness.

Asc symbolizes: Rising sign, the constellation of your identity and health. Your physical body. The mask you wear that you show others. What you project out into the world. Your connection with the physical plane.

Dsc is on Sagittarius 3


This Symbol shows the ability, or the necessity, to indulge in strategic games, arguments or competitions. There can be a strong sense of knowing how to maneuver situations in order to come out on top, with an eye to possible outcomes. There's a need to be thoughtful and cautious, taking into account the wider picture. Impulsive acts with no forward planning can be risky. It probably pays to not show your weak side, but do everything with the possible objective of winning. It can be difficult to relax in competitive environments; one often feels that they can't let their guard down because they might be taken advantage of. Take one step at a time and move with purpose and forethought.

Strategic competition. Seeing the picture several moves ahead. Trying to knock out the opponent. Arguments. Court battles. War strategies. Matching wits. Lawyers. Divorce.

The Caution: Depending on pure luck. Underestimating the opponent's skill or strategy.

Bickering and trying to get the better. Wanting to slay the opponent. Not knowing when to stop.

Dsc symbolizes: The 'others' in your life, marriage partners, how you relate with people, the place of partners and relationships. Projections onto others, the need to own's own energies, can describe your enemies or difficulties in relating

MC is on Aquarius 10


This shows the need to recognize, or realize, when conditions are changing or when there’s a need to work on your self or your image. This can imply having the ‘scales fall from your eyes’ about someone; you may have thought the world of them and then they are not the person you thought. You could wake up realizing that you’re not who or what you said or thought you were. Relationships may be left behind. The revelation can be amazing, but it requires accurately assessing what is and what isn’t the “Ideal”. Popular support does not always equate with depth of character and self-worth. Be wary of fleeting opportunities and committing before you understand what you’re dealing with.

The Big Awakening. Staying true. Reversals of fortune. Waking up just in time. Not truly seeing people OR scales falling from one’s eyes. Projections of personality.

The Caution: Clinging to false feelings of fame. Falling off the pedestal. Not realizing or admitting changes. Disillusionment. Disappointment. Being seriously let down.

MC symbolizes: Your status and career. How you, and others, see you out there in the world and the role that you play. Parents, whether mother or father, issues show up here.

IC is on Leo 10


This Symbol shows the relief, joy and motivation that can come from going through cold and difficult times, even dark struggles, and waking up to things being “sunnier”, warmer and full of promise. This is a time when the "air" (the newly awakened mind) is crisp and the "ground" (the refreshed and renewed body) readies itself for a new round of activity. The rewards may be transitory, so enjoy the good times and salute the more difficult periods as times of testing and learning. The nights may seem very long but there is always the reward of dawn as the sun rises again on a brand new day.

Refreshment after 'the long night of the soul'. Dawn meditations bringing inspiration. Awakening energies signaling new beginnings. Changing emotions. Counseling.

The Caution: Not letting go of difficult situations. Persisting with problems that have been solved. Feeling that the worst is going to happen all the time. Depression.

IC symbolizes: Your home, family, can be mother and father, your sense of self in terms of private life, where you come from, your roots.

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