Peace And War – War And Peace – The Current Message Of The Moon’s Nodes

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Phew! The transiting Moon’s Nodes are showing us a thing or two about what’s going on. They broadcast and reflect so many energies back at us – in relationships, our every day lives, and, often, through sometimes seemingly random events that can lead to great synchronicities and insights. Here, with this combination of the nodes, the signs and the Sabian Symbols, we have a big lesson in embracing peace and rejecting war – rejecting warring.

Times have been very tough for so many people and the energies have been pretty heavy and rather foreboding – like a grey cloud hanging in the air. We wonder what is going to happen next. Times are certainly meaningful.

Crowd Upon A BeachThe nodes are showing us the very real need for us to embrace a sense of equilibrium and balance and not to get involved in disputes, quarrels or issues that just lead to problems and disturbances. The north node is seen as showing the things we need to embrace, move towards, get to know, understand, integrate, learn from, etc.

The north node is in Libra – the sign of the ideals of peace and harmony – not war and disharmony – and it’s on a rather wonderful Symbol.

The Moon’s north node is on Libra 21: A Crowd Upon A Beach.

People ‘on the beach’, the crowd, are meant to feel safe – they gather together to enjoy nature, hang out, get some sun and generally enjoy the moment, whether by themselves or with others. People on the beach, a lovely Libran degree Symbol, are meant to live side-by-side together in peace and harmony. Everybody getting by in a natural setting. This can be about shared ventures or one’s undertaken alone.

Facebook could be seen as being like this – we gather together, but have our own space, our own timing – we come and go freely, make new friendships, etc. However, the Symbol of the beach can have people enjoying, relaxing, revelling all the way to folks in seriously difficult situations – ones of ‘sunstroke’ – cast adrift somewhere with too much ‘heat’ – like those in refugee camps with no shelter or people protesting on the streets.

Keywords: Simple gatherings and sharing in natural values. Watching people swim, run, skip and play. People getting loose and revealing their bodies. Remembering the basic elements of life. Marveling at nature. Getting back to the basics of life. Enjoyment. Relaxing social constraints. Picnic hampers, towels, sunblock. Wanting a tan. Queues and lines. Swimming in the collective unconsciousness.

The Caution: Avoiding close interaction with others. Being just one of many who desire their moment in the Sun. Drowning –with others or alone. Sunburn. Sunstroke. Feeling like just one of the many. Dehydration. Feeling lost in the crowd.

Visions of Burning Man come to mind, what a perfect node to be leading into that great adventure!

Conversely in energies, the Moon’s south node is on Aries 21: A Boxer Is EnteringBoxer vintage postcard The Ring. Here, in the south node, we see the place of letting go, retiring or retreating from, integrating the lessons of and moving ahead, being willing to leave behind people, places perhaps, memories, all kinds of things, so one can step up to the plate and take charge of their lives. And it is important to take on the challenge of stepping up to the plate, unencumbered by the need to ‘battle’ or to take on challenges that require arguments, disputes, bickering, feeling subjugated or that one has, perhaps, lost the battle.

Aries is the warrior energy, the one who wants to take things on, to shine and be noticed, to have a voice, to stand out from the crowd perhaps. The Moon’s south node in Aries contains a message of not letting our tempers get in the way of our day.

Keywords: Physical or psychological self-assertion and determination. Attack or defense? Fighting for emotional, psychological or physical space. Being seen as a person of strength. Throwing punches. Fighting each other on any level. Being prepared to take a swing at someone or something. Stepping up to the plate. Throwing down the gauntlet. Going after the title.

The Caution: Using force or power to dominate people or those who challenge you. Acting in a combative manner when one should be displaying sportsmanship. Wanting to knock people out. Looking for combat. Throwing punches at anything. Belting, smacking, invading. Being punch-drunk.

Feel free to share – I would like people to be able to take advantage of knowing what the nodes are broadcasting at the moment. Breath deep and see life a bit like you’re in a Crowd Upon A Beach. 

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