Pluto On Capricorn 15: A Children’s Ward In A Hospital

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Pluto is starting to get a move on and covering new ground. It’s on Capricorn 15: IN A HOSPITAL, THE CHILDREN’S WARD IS FILLED WITH TOYS

Childrens Ward In A Hospital 2What needs healing in your life? Your inner child? Are you thinking about taking up various therapies to get well? Are you learning some new therapies to heal others? Is there a safe, secure and sound place to rest and play while you, or others, spend some time healing? Is there a need to just let go of some of your responsibilities and just play?

This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to heal, to calm and soothe and repair the lives of those who need your help, comfort and shelter. In times of healing there is the need for simple pleasures to raise the spirits, whether it’s of “Children” or people of any age. The “Toys” in the “Hospital” can be healing tools of any kind – it doesn’t matter what type or modality they are; if they bring relief and joy to someone’s life, they fill a need. There is also a need for caring shows of affectionate concern. Simple things done in times of healing can bring great relief to all concerned. Sometimes it’s a smile, a special treat or soothing words of encouragement are more healing than one can imagine.

Gifts for the sick or disadvantaged. Looking after responsibilities. Nurturing the younger or less evolved. Toys. Technology. Joy. Games. Puzzles. Medicines. Shelters. Nurses.

The Caution: Making a show when one doesn’t really care. Hypochondria. Sickness. Attention seeking. Fearing needles and medical gadgets. Being greedy and needy.

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