Pluto Smack On The Mid-Point Of Capricorn: A Childrens’ Ward In A Hospital – All These Health Issues!

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Childrens Ward In A Hospital 2With current events going on in the world, it is interesting to note Pluto’s placement smack in the middle of Capricorn. Pluto was on this degree last year, and, in amongst it all, fears of disease and measles ‘outbreaks’ and children’s vaccinations had people on either side of the vaccination argument going hammer and tongs at each other. Sometimes, it got incredibly nasty, the fear of disease being so ramped up. We also had a lot of talk about health systems and rights of people to receive decent medical care.

This year, we have the issues of Hillary Clinton’s health. Has she got this or that? Is her health going to rule her out of the presidential run?

And, now, we have Donald Trump’s medical records and Dr. Oz…. it is all so interesting. 

Of course, Pluto on the mid-point of Capricorn can talk about ultimate corporate power – there can be corruption, greed and manipulation. There can be enormous amounts of stress, as well, as the power to succeed in the big wide world can be all-consuming. When it comes to the corporatocracy, the big story today is Bayer clinching Monsanto in a reported $66 billion deal. This has to be the big kahuna of Pluto being on this Sabian Symbol in mid-Capricorn.

The following is my interpretation of this degree from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom – 

A hospital is no place to be sick. Samuel Goldwyn

Society is a hospital of incurables. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Do not mistake a child for his symptom. Erik Erikson

We are so fond on one another because our ailments are the same. Jonathan Swift

I found in you a holy place apart, Sublime endurance, God in man revealed Where mending broken bodies slowly healed My broken heart. Vera Brittain

I want to walk into a room, be it a hospital for the dying or a hospital for the sick children, and feel that I am needed. I want to do, not just to be. Princess of Wales Diana

One of the most difficult things to contend with in a hospital is the assumption on the part of the staff that because you have lost your gall bladder you have also lost your mind. Jean Kerr

In this era of affluence and of permissiveness, we have, in all but cultural areas, bred a nation of over privileged youngsters, saturated with vitamins, television and plastic toys. Judith Crist


Commentary: ‘In a Hospital, the Children’s Ward is Filled With Toys’ brings to mind an image of children in varying states of health. They are in need of care, with doctors and nurses going about their business. There’s the need for vigilant duty for the physical and emotional needs of ‘The Children’. Some ‘Children’ will be playing with the ‘Toys’, whilst others may be sleeping or too ill to respond with much energy or enthusiasm.

Oracle: There may be a need for caring shows of affectionate concern, either for yourself or others. Simple things done to promote healing can bring great relief to all concerned. The fact that ‘The Children’s Ward is Filled With Toys’ reflects a generosity of spirit. Service and the gift of healing are given, especially to those who are younger or less able to look after themselves without any expectation of reciprocal giving. The purpose of the ‘Toys’ is to give the ‘Children’ a special treat and is an acknowledgment of their value in society along with the community’s concern for their welfare and good health. In times of healing there is a need for simple pleasures and rewards to raise one’s spirit. Showing kindness and nurturance to those who are in need can lead to faster healing and allow people to take their place back out in the world again. Listening to the needs of ‘The Children’ is very important, as they can provide clues as to what is really causing problems or happening in their lives. This can picture a situation where many kinds of healing methods can be employed, anything from ‘Toys’ and gadgets all the way up to state of the art, up-to-date technology. However, sometimes a simple smile, a special treat and some soothing words of encouragement are more healing than one can at first imagine.

Keywords: Bringing simple gifts to the sick or disadvantaged. Looking after one’s responsibilities. Nurturing people of younger years or those who’ve had less growth. Workshops held to improve one’s health; be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Drugs, crutches, cots, doctors, nurses. Waiting for and needing individual attention. Waiting rooms. Magazines. Toys. Gadgets. Puzzles. Games.

The Caution: Making a large generous show when one doesn’t really care. Being dogmatic. Feeling in charge of healing and not listening to what others have to say. Using gadgets instead of simple human caring. Fear of things such as needles, etc. Being greedy and wanting all the toys.

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