Post-Eclipse Daily Rave – Why We Are Feeling How We’re Feeling – Some Answers

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill
'The Mermaid' by Howard Pyle

“The Mermaid” by Howard Pyle, painted in 1910. A wonderful visualization of Aries 1: A Woman Has Risen Out of the Ocean, a Seal is Embracing Her

What’s the post-eclipse feeling that’s hanging in the air? There are so many mixed feelings and realizations – what’s going on for you? This Daily Rave may reveal why you’re feeling the way you are, or, it may help you move forward after this amazing moment in time that was the eclipse and is the equinox and always is a super new Moon. 🙂

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  • PerfectStorm

    Many thanks for all you do Lynda. I sincerely feel that because you give so much of yourself – relentlessly and so freely (literally!) that you might consider charging for your daily raves, etc. Your time and energy is worth at least $100/hour (although it is always difficult to monetize your passion, talent and endless giving). This daily rave was particularly insightful and assisted in fleshing out the post-eclipse, etc. etc. Continued blessings to you in this, the new year!

    • Lynda

      Thank you, yes, I will be doing something along those lines – I appreciate your thoughts ! 🙂

  • leanne

    Hi Lynda,

    Thank you so much for the recording. So much great information into the Sabian symbols and feeling comes through. I was introduced to you and your work, via posted articles on Spirit Library and commented under avitar, Spiritdiver. So glad i have now have found your website.

    Feeling optimistic today after coming off the most intense of feeling days, 19th to mid afternoon of the 20th, solar eclipse.

    Was processing through some deep, old ancestral pattern relationship fears. Since the late afternoon of 20th tho it is like a rock has been removed, my heart now feels lifted to higher ground. That (moving through fear) was the downside (if you were to look at it from one perspective) of this event.

    The upside, and what was new to me, was the how and way of movement through, the processing. This was through standing up, expressing my truth, as well as recieving awareness through all 4 of the elements. The resounding message, in both directions, was of connection, touch, love.

    I found interesting your comments and interpretation on the lying down of the sword Sabian. In the tarot swords is fitting as is of the element of Air, of Clarity, thinking and the mind and of Spring. Swords symbolize the search for truth, and the battle within oneself. So as you mention with today, it is very much a time of letting go, and just allowing the heart to integrate this beautiful new energy. Feeling it!

    p.s. listening to this and the recording of yesterday, it cut off mid way through. Is this a settings thing I can adjust? Please let me know how I may hear the entire podcasts. Thank you.

    In appreciation,


    • Lynda

      Hi Leanne, thanks for the feedback – these are indeed interesting times. I’m glad you’re enjoying the site and the audios. With the recordings, I haven’t heard from anyone else that they are having this issue. They play right through for me… not sure what’s going on there – I wonder if it’s something your end? I will most likely post the audios you speak of to soundcloud soon… there’s other audios there

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