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Lynda Hill’s readings are like no other as she employs the Sabian Symbols together with modern astrological analysis in a unique, intuitive and in-depth style to draw together the pictures that colour your life and destiny. The Sabian Symbols reveal, brilliantly and amazingly, your spiritual path and where you are headed. Whether you are curious to learn more about your birth chart and Symbols, want to explore your potential, wonder how long a bad patch will last, or seek clarity on what your future holds, a personal reading empowers you to take control and can mark a major turning point in your life.

Each reading is tailored to your level of experience with astrology and the Symbols, offering profound revelations for those new to astrology as well as experienced astrologers seeking deeper insights into their own practice and lives.

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Providing ongoing free news, insights, resources and website upgrades is often a labour of love for Lynda. If you have personally benefitted from her work and wish for more people to gain clarity and in their lives through the Symbols, please donate. Every sum is greatly appreciated.