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Birth Chart Reading – Gift Voucher

USD $279.00

For friends and family.

Give the gift of astrology to someone you care about. This is an opportunity for them to discover themself and the wisdom of their birth chart, explore their gifts, challenges, patterns and potential and gain a deeper understanding of who they are and where they are going in life.

This 75-90 minute interactive or recorded reading with Lynda Hill includes:

  • A comprehensive exploration of the person’s birth chart and planetary influences through the potent lens of the Sabian Symbols.
  • A look at what’s happening in their life now (through key transits, progressions and degrees).
  • A free copy of The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom eBook, valued at $18.
  • Their birth chart and Sabian Symbols report with detailed interpretations to explore after the reading.

“I have had many astrological readings over the last 20 years. Linda’s Sabian Symbol reading and report were the most comprehensive and accurate I have EVER had.”

Sandra Schindler, Charleston, WV, USA.

Read more about what my clients say.

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An astrological birth chart reveals a person’ story in this lifetime. It allows them to tap into the hidden blueprint that makes them unique and explore their life lessons with greater awareness and choice. Lynda’s intuitive readings illuminate these patterns and pathways, drawing together the planetary themes and symbolic pictures that colour a person’s life and destiny. By answering questions such as why they experience certain situations or attract particular relationships, and what talents can bring them greatest satisfaction and success, they gain an overarching framework to create a purposeful life.

This reading offers profound revelations for those new to astrology as well as experienced astrologers seeking deeper insights into their own practice and lives.

75 minute recorded reading

This reading is jam-packed with intuitive insights in a stream-of-consciousness format. Because the reading is non-stop, they will gain more information than a typical consultation. Clients often prefer these readings and refer back to them several times as new information emerges and sinks in.

90 minute interactive consultation

This consultation by phone, Skype or in person gives them in-the-moment access to feedback and guidance. In addition to the insights I share during the conversation they can ask any question they like, so this session is an opportunity to pick my brains and explore the issues that are really important to them. This reading is also recorded so they can download and listen anytime.

How do they redeem the gift voucher?

These gift vouchers are valid for one year after purchase. After you complete your payment you will receive a voucher you can print and give to the recipient. I will also send you a unique code that you can give them which allows them to redeem their reading in this store and receive 100% discount.

At the time they redeem their reading they will be able to fill in all the details I need to prepare their birth chart and reading. They will also be able to select the type of reading they prefer. I will contact them to schedule a time or let them know when their recorded reading is available. With each reading I will send a link to the recording, which they can download and listen to anytime. It is very easy.

How do they schedule their interactive reading?

I do readings for clients all over the world. For consultations by phone, Skype or at my home in Sydney, we’ll find a time that suits us both. If they are in the US, we usually make the session in their evening, which is my morning. For European zones, it’s normally their morning, which is my evening. I will ring or Skype so there’s no extra cost for the phone call.

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