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Current Conditions Update

USD $279.00

For clients who have had a birth chart reading.

Gain timely insights to navigate your life with a Current Conditions reading. Explore what’s going on, what’s coming up, and what actions you can take to achieve your current goals. Ideal for those who want monthly, quarterly or any time readings.

This 75-90 minute interactive or recorded reading with Lynda Hill includes:

  • Focused insights on your most pressing questions, aspirations and issues activated in your birth chart and Sabian Symbols.
  • In-depth exploration of what’s happening for you right now (through transits, progressions and degrees).
  • All relevant charts and Sabian Symbols reports with detailed interpretations to explore after the reading.

“Your interpretation skills and forthright advice made all the difference in getting across what really is currently important in my circumstances. Now I’ve a better idea of what to focus on, what will work for me, and what may hinder me. And what not to get side-tracked by! The result was pure gold – very helpful, practical, yet inspiring.”

Yvonne Wigman, Perth, Western Australia

Read more about what my clients say.

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A Current Conditions reading can be pivotal when you are facing a new opportunity, situation or challenge. Whether you seek guidance on a relationship or career move, support dealing with pressure at home or work, or want to tune into messages from your higher self, these readings will help you work with the energies of the planets and symbols more effectively and make better decisions.

Ongoing updates are also a great learning tool for students of the Sabian Symbols who really want to drill down into how they operate and show up over time.

This reading offers profound revelations for those new to astrology as well as experienced astrologers seeking deeper insights into their own practice and lives.

75 minute recorded reading

This reading is jam-packed with intuitive insights in a stream-of-consciousness format. Because the reading is non-stop, you will gain more information than a typical consultation. Clients often prefer these readings and refer back to them several times as new information emerges and sinks in.

90 minute interactive consultation

This consultation by phone, Skype or in person gives you in-the-moment access to feedback and guidance. In addition to the insights I share during the conversation you can ask any question you like, so this session is an opportunity to pick my brains and explore the issues that are really important to you. This reading is also recorded so you can download and listen anytime.

How do I schedule my interactive reading?

I do readings for clients all over the world. For consultations by phone, Skype or at my home in Sydney, we’ll find a time that suits us both. If you are in the US, we usually make the session in your evening, which is my morning. For European zones, it’s normally your morning, which is my evening. I will ring or Skype you so there’s no extra cost for the phone call. After you complete your payment, I will contact you to schedule a time or let you know when your recorded reading is available. With each interactive reading I will send you a link to the recording, which you can download and listen to anytime. It is very easy.

When will I receive my reading?

You will receive recorded readings in MP3 format by email within 21 days of payment (or after your interactive session). If you would like your reading more urgently, please let me know in the comments and I will do my best to accomodate your request.

Do I need to provide exact birth details?

An accurate birth time is important to get the most from your birth chart reading. If you do not know this time or are unsure, please let me know in the comments when you fill in your details. We can still work with the energies and Symbols in your chart and gain enormous insight, although we will have less information about the areas of your life where these will be most active.


All readings are conducted with the understanding that any actions taken as a result are entirely the client’s responsibilities. All information and insight is provided as a guide only, and should not replace advice from trained psychological, financial or industry experts.


Any personal or chart details provided by a client on behalf of another person for the purposes of astrological interpretation should be done with that person’s permission. For children under age, parents or legal guardians can authorise the reading.


Unexpected situations arise and sometimes we may need to reschedule sessions. I need 48 hours notice of a postponement or cancellation, so please let me know as soon as possible. Appointments missed with less than 48 hours notice are considered forfeit. If I am unable to keep your scheduled appointment, I will endeavour to re-book with you as soon as possible, or if you prefer, provide a full refund.

Payment options

We accept Visa, MasterCard®, American Express and PayPal. Our shop uses Paypal to process your credit card payment. You don’t have to have a PayPal account to complete your payment and can use the Paypal Guest Checkout if you prefer. After you have supplied your personal detail during checkout, you will be redirected to PayPal to fill in your financial details and finalise your payment.

Please note that we are unable to process your order if we can’t obtain an authorization from your credit card company. You can contact your credit card provider or Paypal and let us know any additional information.


I will not share your chart details, interpretations or anything we discuss during our consultation with anyone. All information and written notes will remain confidential except if required by law or compelling ethical responsibility.

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