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The Sabian Oracle Book And Cards

USD $50.00

Delve into the Sabians Symbols with Lynda Hill’s book!

Lynda’s interpretation of the Sabian Symbols has been called “uncannily accurate” and “a revelation.” The first easy-to-use and accessible guide based on the 360 Sabian Symbols and their meaning, The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom taps into the zodiac as well as the ‘ancient mind matrix’ accessed by astrologer Marc Edmund Jones and spiritualist medium Elsie Wheeler. It opens the doorway between our inner feelings and intentions, and our conscious mind, helping to put what is within us into words and wisdom that enrich our life’s journey.

Miracles, big and small, happen in your life when you tap into the field of the Sabian Symbols. No knowledge of astrology is required in order to use this book. You can simply use The Sabian Oracle to answer any question like the Tarot or I Ching. Many say the Oracle leads you to the answers you seek and responds to the questions you didn’t think to ask!

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If you enjoy using the online Sabian Oracle, you’re in for a treat! The 400-page contains far more information, interpretation and advice on each of the 360 Symbols than the online Oracle and is ideal as a companion or handbook. It even comes with a set of handy set of Cards to expand the way you use the Oracle. Each page contains five sections to deepen the Oracle’s imagery and practical application:

  • Commentary
  • Oracle
  • Keywords
  • Caution
  • Quotes.

Share the book with friends, use it anywhere you go and watch the magic of the symbols happen.

Please note! All books are signed. Lynda will also email you a complimentary copy of the entire book on pdf so you can view it immediately and have a copy on your computer or device (which can be very handy!).

Read more information about how to use the book.

Check out a sample page for Aries 1

Watch the video below to learn more about the paperback edition of the book.

Watch the video below to learn more about the paperback edition of the book.


Please do not pass the PDF file on to others as the material is copyrighted and redistribution of this work in this form is not permitted.

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