Safety And Security And Supplies: February’s Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. Warren Buffett

When the oak is felled the whole forest echoes with its fall, but a hundred acorns are sown in silence by an unnoticed breeze. Thomas Carlyle

If I had 8 hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend 6 sharpening my axe. Abraham Lincoln

Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice. Thoreau

The pioneers cleared the forests from Jamestown to the Mississippi with fewer tools than are stored in the typical modern garage. Dwayne Laws

From a fallen tree, all make kindling. Spanish Proverb

Some men go through a forest and see no firewood. English Proverb

Write without pay until somebody offers to pay you. If nobody offers within three years, sawing wood is what you were intended for. Mark Twain

February’s new Moon is a partial solar eclipse. Occurring on February 15, it will not be visible to most of the planet. It will be visible in southern South America, including many locations in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay, and in Antarctica. The eclipse will also be visible from some areas of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. For more information on this eclipse, there’s some good information here.

Although this is only a partial eclipse, no doubt many of us will be feeling the effects of it. As always, a solar eclipse is a new Moon, and, as such, it is a great time to be getting those affirmations going. As Neville Goddard said, it is best to assume that you already have what you want, or you are already who you want to be – it is by assuming that you are or have those things that they become reality. “Assumption hardens into fact”, Goddard used to say. If you ‘assume’ something, the universe will provide those things or conditions. So, of course, we have to watch our thoughts, our imagination, our beliefs, our desires, etc. We must keep a tight rein on negative thoughts as they will just help us go further and further away from the things we really want. After all, worrying is praying for things we don’t want.

I mention the above as this eclipse season is very much about the issue of ‘where to from here’. There are some very good aspects in this chart, but, some of the Sabian Symbols are quite challenging.

We have the new Moon and Mercury sextiling Uranus, the ruler of the new Moon (solar eclipse), so, if we are aligned with our thoughts, desires and wishes, we can have some wonderful breakthroughs and realizations. Venus and Saturn are also in a sextile aspect, and, this can be good for actions and outcomes and relationships and healing what might have gone astray around relationships, friendships, financial issues, etc.

We also have Mars trining the Moon’s north node, and, this can be great for moving past the past, for getting past issues that have seemed to be roadblocks and stalemates – we can find things moving in bigger and better ways by focusing our hearts and minds on right action.

We also have Mercury and Jupiter in a separating square aspect. This can be good for making decisions and taking actions, as long as we are not promising more than we can deliver, as long as we are not overdoing things or going into overreach.

And, within the week following this eclipse, Venus will conjunct Neptune, adding to the impulse to follow our hopes and dreams and wishes. The trick is not to do more than you are mentally, emotionally or physically equipped to be doing as we can wear ourselves out if we take on too much. Moderation is key, but, so is getting clear.

So, the above aspects, and, no doubt others that are at play, are some of the good energies around us at this time. The more difficult aspects of this chart can be seen through some of the Sabian Symbols. We have Venus on a Symbol that often speaks of losing faith, feeling deserted, feeling as though one has been neglected, or, sacrificed too much, etc. Venus is on Pisces 7: ILLUMINATED BY A SHAFT OF LIGHT, A LARGE CROSS LIES ON ROCKS SURROUNDED BY SEA AND MIST. This Symbol can show the need to tune in to our faith, our belief in the goodness of life, to see where we might have to change or modify how we expect life to go, especially in regards to other people and their life trajectory.

Mars is on Sagittarius 13: A WIDOW’S PAST IS BROUGHT TO LIGHT. This can be about family secrets, wills and legacies, issues that may have laid dormant for some time and are now revealed, etc. We might find that we, or others, blurt out a little too much information, or, there may be some uncomfortable realities that we have to deal with. Still, Mars here can see us dealing with these issues and getting them sorted and healed, leading to better outcomes. The recent revelations about domestic abuse fit in with this Symbol, as does the Symbol for Venus, although, of course, that is just one type of manifestation that we see occurring.

Saturn is on a degree that can speak about the power of the press, the issue of ‘fake news’, etc. What to believe? And, Saturn here can show us how powerful our own words, thoughts and feelings – our own ’emanations’ – can be. Saturn is on Capricorn 7: A VEILED PROPHET SPEAKS, SEIZED BY THE POWER OF A GOD. Finding the ‘truth’ in what’s said or thought or bouncing around can be an interesting challenge.

Paying attention to what’s going on can bring good outcomes with Mercury on Aquarius 26: A GARAGE MAN TESTING A CAR’S BATTERY WITH A HYDROMETER. Be watchful, be thoughtful, look after the ‘mechanics’ of situations. Some need a good dose of WD40, while other things may need a master ‘mechanic’ to sort them out. Whatever, we can find good outcomes from being mindful of conditions.

The main issue of this new Moon (partial eclipse) is to find safety and security and a good place to be. The Symbol for this eclipse, Aquarius 28: A TREE FELLED AND SAWED TO ENSURE A SUPPLY OF WOOD FOR THE WINTER, shows us that issues to do with our future, our ability to heat and cool and feed and clothe and look after ourselves and our loved ones is a main issue at the moment. How are you doing on that score?

There’s always more to say, but, you can find some added information by looking at the Sabian Symbol placements below.

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The new Moon each month marks a time of new beginnings and realisations. It’s like a birth after a time of gestation or being ‘in the womb’. Here, the light begins to return and we can see new beginnings and possibilities. A new Moon means that the Sun and the Moon are both together – bringing a synergy of their energies together. The new Moon is a perfect time to set your intentions for the future. This period is wonderful for planting seeds of whatever kind. What do you want to manifest in your future? Whether you write it down, sing about it or just hold the thought forms in your mind, doing this at the new Moon can realise some fabulous results around the things that you want to draw into your life
New Moon:   Feb 15, 2018   9:05 pm GMT

 The New Moon is on Aquarius 28: A TREE FELLED AND SAWED TO ENSURE A SUPPLY OF WOOD FOR THE WINTER – the following is my interpretation from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom 

Commentary: ‘A Tree Felled and Sawed to Ensure a Supply of Wood For the Winter’ represents the sacrifice of one thing for the benefit of another. This Symbol pictures the shifting and changing values we place on our environment and the tools we use. A ‘Tree’ begins as a fragile life that may need our attention, care, concern and, in time, our gratitude. It develops into something that provides us with beauty and shade and is a haven for many birds and animals. In time, whether the ‘Tree’ completes its growing cycle and dies or is cut down in its prime; it still has much to offer. The energy that has been stored in the timber can be used to fuel our need for warmth and comfort in hard times.

Oracle: This Symbol shows there is energy stored in everything and that many things we may think are of no real value can be helpful on an entirely different level. ‘The Tree Felled and Sawed’ by being used as fuel, or made into paper, is released to rejoin the universal flow in many useful ways and forms. There are many things that grow around us during life. Sometimes there can be other uses that are of greater benefit than just to let things stand like monuments or memories. You may feel a need to sacrifice something old to find its current usefulness. There’s a need for putting in time and effort to ensure comfort, security and hope for the future. Gather your resources when you can, don’t wait for the last minute when supply might not be so readily available, or harder to put your hands on. Ensuring that things are in order for the ‘Winter’ can allow you, and yours, to be sure of warmth and love during more difficult times.

Keywords: Gathering resources. Being prepared for harder times. Stocking up and stockpiling. Log cabins. Open fires. Care and reverence for things of wood and the earth. The making of paper. The publishing of books. Renewable resources. Xmas trees. Axes and tools. Stores and provisions. Logging. Timber. Wood for burning. Oil, petrol, fuel of all kinds. Woodchips. Storage.

The Caution: Hoarding supplies—not wanting anyone to get them. Destroying the old for modern advances. Feeling cut off at the knees. Being chopped down and stacked away somewhere. Fearing that there won’t be enough fuel, money, etc. for harder times. Nonrenewable resources. Wanton destruction and logging of the forests. Waste.

The Karmic Degree for the new Moon is Aquarius 27: AN ANCIENT POTTERY BOWL FILLED WITH FRESH VIOLETS

This Symbol shows the need to spread beauty and grace and purity of motive and feelings of contentment. The simpler, more natural responses to problems and society often bring us a sense of refreshment and realignment with what is beautiful. Complications are more easily solved if a fresh and simple approach is taken, rather than the more complicated, intellectual or highly charged emotional responses. Like a bowl of flowers, this Symbol implies that by keeping your life pure and unclouded by bad news, negative emotions or thoughts, and maintaining a sense of hope and faith, you can not only be healthier, but bring joy to others.

Keywords: Returning to ancient sources. Flower and herbal remedies. Beauty. Setting standards for society. Slowing down the tempo to get to the purity of something. Watering the garden. The mortar and pestle. Homoeopathy and pharmacopoeia. Stains and dyes. Flowers. African violets. Dainty, small and lacy things. Antiques and curios. Beautiful reminders of yesterday. Valentine’s Day flowers, roses. Things that remind you of your grandmother. The old supporting and nourishing the new.

The Caution: Lack of subtlety. Insensitivity. Being dried up and withered from lack of water or emotion. Stagnant water. Being shy and unresponsive. “Shrinking violets”. Neglecting the small things. Being so accommodating that one’s needs are neglected or trodden on.

The Quest Degree for the new Moon is Aquarius 29: A BUTTERFLY EMERGING FROM A CHRYSALIS

This Symbol shows growing, expanding, escaping restrictions and evolving into a more expansive sense of self with bigger and better potentials. Like a butterfly emerging, at times like these, you are often at a crossroads or major turning point and you are likely to be able to realize many of your latent, but promising, potentials. Like an awakening, you are suddenly able to do something that truly reflects you and who you strive to be. This emergence builds for some time; a metamorphosis takes place. Ensure that you take a moment to adjust to new developments before taking flight.

Keywords: Slow building of confidence. Coming out into a fuller participation in the bigger picture. Growing up and out. Emerging from the dark. Leaving yesterday behind. Becoming more and more beautiful. Finding one’s feet or wings. Metamorphosis. Huge changes in the works. Giving up struggling. The drama of new life unfolding.

The Caution: Failing to allow changes to be experienced. Feeling like one will never “arrive”. Struggling to emerge ahead of time. Feeling confined. Being tied to the past. Rushing leading to disorientation or injury.

The Moon symbolizes: Emotions, moods, mother, family, clan, domestic issues, relationship to home and country. Feelings, sentiments, nourishment, emotional nurturing, monkey chatter mind, lunar and menstrual cycles, clarity of emotions or lunacy. Female energy – yours and others.


This Symbol shows the need to pick up problems and diagnose what might be wrong whether it’s mechanically, physically, spiritually or emotionally. The “Car” can be a car, or it can be your body; your earthly vehicle, and it may need some “Testing” to see how it’s coping with life’s pressures. Perhaps you need to use some type of gauge on your emotional reactions. There is often a need to take a more intuitive or psychic approach to problems, although an objective or inventive view will also bring results. Figure out any malfunctions so your life can proceed in a smoother, more efficient manner. Performing necessary checks and balances to ensure your life is working properly are part of the everyday maintenance of society.

Keywords: Testing the earthly vehicle for its roadworthiness. Situations that have “boiled – over”, bringing all to a stop. Breakdowns and the need for repair. Checking water levels. Anticipating future problems. The need for good batteries. Cars being serviced. Oil, petrol and grease. Check ups and tune-ups. Bringing forward movement to a halt.

The Caution: Causing distress by constantly analyzing people or situations. Bad breath or dry skin. Not taking time for repairs or tune-ups. Running on empty.


This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to find balance, to find your center so that you might be more effective, stable and organized. As the “Butterfly” has a “Right Wing More Perfectly Formed”, you may be applying your rational logical mind out of balance to your intuitive and creative wisdom, or, vice versa. It is often harder to understand your intuitive messages, but reliance on logic can limit your possibilities. However, not applying logic can lead to big problems as well. There can be physical handicaps which may prevent one from truly doing what one wants, or strange imbalances on the spiritual level.

Keywords: Rising above life’s distortions. A need to bring some type of balance to situations. Injuries or problems with hands or arms. One side being more ‘Perfect’ than the other. The ‘Right’ being better than the left. Mutations. Handicaps. Challenges. Disabilities. Impediments. Let us take things as we find them: let us not attempt to distort them into what they are not. We cannot make facts. All our wishing cannot change them. We must use them. John Henry Cardinal Newman

The Caution: Imbalances and physical distortions. Asymmetry. An imbalance of functions leading to involuntary flapping around. Distortions of reactions or of the truth. Lopsidedness. Hindrances. Being at a disadvantage. Feeling incapacitated.

Mercury symbolizes: Mind, thought, communication, memory, expression, intelligence. News, exchanges, chatting, conversations, short journeys, connections with others, telephones, emails, siblings, neighbors, the reasoning mind. Day-to-day activities. Cars, keys, small animals.


This shows being able to stay firm in one’s faith and belief in life even when one’s hopes and dreams take a battering. There may be feelings of chaos and misplaced loyalties in your life, like something has been sacrificed for no real cause and some things have come to nothing. You may need to see if perhaps your aim was too high and things came crashing down as a result of a lack of care, by yourself or others, or through people opposing your objectives or success. Having faith and a positive end in sight, you can experience a wonderful spiritual awakening – reconnecting with your spiritual ideals. Concentrate on the “Shaft of Light” as this can show you that white light is all around you.

Keywords: Renewed dedication after loss. Looking for signs of hope and recovery. Coming to terms with loss or failure. Rocks, mist, howling winds on coasts. Crosses of faith. Important and substantial sacrifices. Being devastated by events. Being in the “spotlight” in difficult times. Finding the way through the dark. The need for sacrifice. Alternative religions. Stepping outside religious boundaries.

The Caution: Lost faith. Hopes dashed. Giving up. Being shattered by the constraints of life. Depression. Feeling like one is being sacrificed, sometimes for nothing. Unable to see through the fog. Scorn, persecution and attack because of religious or social reasons. Hopelessness. Things grim, dark and foreboding.

The Karmic Degree for Venus is Pisces 6: A PARADE OF ARMY OFFICERS IN FULL DRESS

This shows springing to attention and rallying to show duty, honor and protection of the community and higher ideals. Recognition may need to be given for service and dedication to the community. Dedication, discipline and duty bring their own rewards and often people with this Symbol turn up first with whatever is needed to make people feel better, protected or recognized. Putting on your best face, and your uniform – and there are many ‘uniforms’ that can be worn – and joining with others will ensure success. There may be issues of showing one’s ‘authority’ in public, staking a claim as part of the broader community that works to protect and bring everyone together.

Keywords: National pride on display. Reminders of those putting life and limb on the line for kin and country. Uniforms, hats. People seeking recognition from the community, regardless of what they’ve personally achieved. Patriotism. Memories of war. Being committed to service. Medals. Stripes. Uniformity. Grinning and bearing it. Projecting the “right image”. Drills and routines. Displays of courage. Assembling together. Braiding and piping. Spit and polish. Parades and marching. Police and law enforcement. Guns and bayonets. The importance of looking good.

The Caution: “Stiff” and unfeeling displays. Having special privileges that others don’t. Doing what one must do. Hiding behind a façade. Not being prepared, or able, to show one’s true self. “Drill sergeants” who scream and shout. People parading their importance. False courage. Taking the glory away from the little people. Wearing anything.

The Quest Degree for Venus is Pisces 8: A GIRL BLOWING A BUGLE

This shows sounding the call, rallying people together, knowing when to speak or “Blow a Bugle” to awaken others, to wake up to realities going on in the world, join some cause, etc. Perhaps you feel the need to wake up those around you, or, perhaps be woken yourself. When situations get bogged down in emotional or rational complexity and everyone just needs to be rallying and going for the objective, you may be the one to let everyone know. Sometimes this Symbol can show someone who makes a lot of noise; justified or unjustified and they can get people moving. Using simple, receptive innocence will get situations back on track.

Keywords: Sounding the call. Awakening all to action. Going on and on about something. Loudspeakers, telephones, announcements. Being prepared to state one’s case. Calling attention to one’s self. Blowing your own trumpet. Whistleblowers. Heralding and proclaiming the dawn. Rise and shine! Girls in a man’s world. Leading the charge. Resurrection. Mass announcements. Advertising campaigns. Alarm clocks. Ear plugs. Blind folds. Break the fast. Proclamations.

The Caution: Making unwarranted and disturbing noise. Showing off. Unbalanced messages. Evangelists and politicians. Sounding the call but not making the grade. Being annoying. Trumpeting about one’s achievements. Not listening to people.

Venus symbolizes: Relatedness, cooperation, what attracts you. The experience of sweetness, beauty or delight. Social interactions, love, friends, how you reach out to people. Feminine persona, relationship with mother and females. Money, possessions, sense of values.

 Mars is on Sagittarius 13: A WIDOW’S PAST IS BROUGHT TO LIGHT

This Symbol implies revealing issues, secrets or problems from the “Past”, so they can be dealt with. There are issues which will be “Brought to Light”. Perhaps your past catches up with you, or, people in your family or circle of friends have stories, histories, deeds, acts or personalities that need to be handled with care and tact. There is often a healing as things that have been kept ‘closeted’ lose some of their charge when they come into the light of day. Although you, or others, may be in a reasonably sympathetic position in the eyes of others, some may not like what is revealed. Bring issues to ‘Light’ where they can be healed, forgiven and, hopefully, forgotten.

Keywords: Unveiling and exposing-or creating a new and vibrant beginning. Getting rid of yesterday’s darkness. Looking back to revision attitudes. Being freed for new opportunities. The “scales” falling from one’s eyes. Reasons as to why relationships have failed. Remembering. Past life memories. Things being found or discovered. Wills. Inheritances. Death certificates. Burying the past. Pensions. Insurance policies.

The Caution: Old stories best forgotten. Dead-end feelings hanging around. Gossip and family secrets that hurt and otherwise cause harm. Feelings rehashed detrimental to stability. Someone being caught out. Bearing the weight of secrets.

Mars symbolizes: Drive, determination or agenda, how you get to your goals. How you express and handle anger, ambition, assertion of self and ability to step forward. The male principle, sexuality, the ability to step up to the plate when one needs to. Fight or flight.


This Symbol shows ascension or evolution to higher states of being. You may find your self having a transformative realization that will take your focus away from the baser, animal instincts, to a more evolved, higher spiritual perception. This can lead to having higher codes of living; operating on elevated planes of being. Coming to terms with one’s vital energies can free you up to find a higher state of being. This can feel like a “Metamorphosis” – like you’re morphing into someone different, perhaps someone quite unique from others. Ascension in consciousness is likely to be happening – enjoy the ride!

Keywords: Revelation of hidden talents. Vegetarianism. Changing one’s lifestyle completely. Rapid and total transformation. Morphing. Giving up merely battling for survival. Ascension of consciousness. Elementals. Evolution. Moving into a new level of being. Raising one’s vibration. Complete changes. Psychic attunement. Losing one’s sexual charge. The moment we indulge our affections, the earth is metamorphosed; there is no winter and no night; all tragedies, all ennui’s, vanish, all duties even. Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Caution: Being dissatisfied with transformation as not economically useful. Feeling ineffective or impotent, having one’s sexual power taken away. Feeling de-sexed or ‘neutered’. Losing one’s drive or libido. Feeling alone and misunderstood. Dumbed-down energies. Neglecting body in favor of spirit or emotion.

Jupiter symbolizes: The big picture, expansion, exploration, aspirations, religious and philosophical ideals, issues to do with traveling, foreign lands, people and traditions, culture, education, generosity, luck, abundance, support, optimism. Insight through knowledge and wisdom.


This degree implies disseminating information or knowledge; there are messages and they are coming from a deep source, or, from a place of authority. Still, it can be difficult to know whether it’s always the truth that is being spoken or that’s coming through. Look carefully for the signs – is it truth that you are being fed? With such power in one’s words, we have to be careful about what we say as well as what we hear. This energy can be used for the good of all involved, or it can just lead people astray. Something to watch out for is blind acceptance of things you see or hear. This is a very powerful degree.

Keywords: Hypnotherapy or hypnotic suggestion. Manipulation of lesser beings. Having insights that transport to other levels. Channelling and medium ship. Translations. Prophets and bringers of messages. Empowerment. Messages erupting. Speaking. Announcing. Bearing important news. Power. Charisma. Veils. Background voices.

The Caution: Conscious manipulation and propaganda. Not owning up to all the elements of one’s personality. Denying expression. Blurting out things that hurt or alienate. Barging into other’s conversations. Leading people astray with exaggeration or lies. False impressions.

Saturn symbolizes: Authority, rules, discipline and obligation The heavy stuff. What we fear, loss, karma, aging, the establishment, orthodoxy, tradition, status, the concept of time, walls, boundaries, limits, older people, restrictions, patience, conquering difficulties.


This Symbol often shows someone who has more talent, more possessions, more gifts than most other people. Perhaps too much is demanded or expected of you or you expect life to give you more and more and more. Recognize that you are surrounded by abundance, but perhaps you are unable to experience it all at once. If you don’t feel you have the ability to cope with all that life throws at you then look in your ‘storehouse’ and you could be surprised at talents you have that have never even been used. You may have to give up some things in order to make room for others.

Keywords: Potentials and the obsessions they can bring. Obsessions about “having things” or achieving goals. Counting one’s blessings. Jack-of-all-trades. Having to drop the bundle if one more thing is added. Being talented and blessed. Enormous responsibilities. Wanting to contain all possibilities. Storage. So many things to do-so little time.

The Caution: Not being able to focus on one issue at a time, or on ideas of real worth and therefore not really achieving anything. Inability to gain or contain everything that is desired. Ambition that knows no bounds. Greediness and insatiability. Being told that you can’t have what you want. Things piling up. Juggling and dropping the ball. Feeling as though you will lose everything. Being overwhelmed with possibilities.

Uranus symbolizes: The unexpected, things that are individual or ‘different’. Charged, energetic dynamics, electricity, light, lightning bolts, sudden changes, those who live on the fringe of society. Sudden turns and twists of fate. Rebellion, surprises, liberation, freedom.

 Neptune is on Pisces 14: A LADY WRAPPED IN FOX FUR

This shows being able to present an image that shows intelligence, cleverness, glamour and beauty, along with knowing how to move in social circles. The “Lady Wrapped in Fox Fur” is someone who’s sure of themselves, able to bend to situations and have situations bend to their own desires. It often shows getting out of, or into, anything they want. You can present an image that enhances your position in society. Intelligence and wit will probably see you through, with others noticing your beauty, grace or intellect. If, however, the guise was stripped away, would you still express the same qualities? You may have to display your capabilities because of negative prejudice, chauvinism, or being underestimated.

Keywords: Outer expressions of real inner worth. Animal magnetism and attraction. Intelligence and its display. Cloaks of feminine wit and sexuality. Beguiling minds. Animal totems and furs. Perceived beauty. The sense of having class and money. Beauty, fashion and talent. Being forward and upfront. Sense of personal style. Grace and composure. Elegance. Knowing what to say and when. Dressing up. Money spent on beauty. Tempting others with sexual signals. Perfumes. Pheromones. Taxidermy.

The Caution: False fronts and expressions of wealth. Selling out for momentary, or monetary, gain. Wrapped in intellectual superficiality. The fatal allure of beauty. Scoring points solely through charisma. Being so caught up in fashion and glamor that one loses a true sense of self. Being overdressed.

Neptune symbolizes: Mystical, “out there,” spirituality and con artists. Dreams, mysteries, mystics and religious issues. Intuition, clairvoyance, seeing into the invisible. Addictive, chaotic, charming, deceptive, illusory, co dependent, sensory awareness.

 Pluto is on Capricorn 21: A RELAY RACE

This Symbol shows working together in a cooperative venture, to know when to go and when to stop, when to take the baton and when to pass it on, and how to pace yourself so you can stay in the “Relay Race”. Each person has to contribute as best they can; some run fast, some have their own talents, some trip you up and cause you to falter. Working together, you can figure out who will help win the race and who wont. Sometimes, victory seems achievable, but you are likely to be a member of a team, with your own special task to perform. You may not be the one who crosses the finish line, but you may, eventually, share in the group effort. Just watch for when it’s your turn and when it isn’t.

Keywords: Shared endeavor. K nowing when to hand on responsibilities. Teamwork. Knowing when to finish. Encouragement and tr ust. Sharing and cooperation. Inheritances. Timing. Being competitive. Taking turns. Handing on responsibilities. Split second timing. Hand eye coordination. Having an on/off switch.

The Caution: Not letting go of control to another . Feeling defeated through feeling that you don’t have the necessary resources to win. Criticism and competitiveness. Acting only for one’s best interests. Competitiveness in inter-reactions and conversation. Butting in when others are talking. Expecting others to do all the work or carry responsibilities. Not sharing the glory or the rewards.

Pluto symbolizes: Unconscious motivations, depth psychology, history. Sex, procreation at a deep level, intensity, profound emotions, taking hold of one’s power. Being king or queen of one’s underworld. Strength, survival mode instincts. Big money. Big power. The Plutocracy. Power vs power struggles.


This shows recognizing the riches in one’s life, the beauty and wonder of life, to have a sense of achievement and of a job well done. Along with a wonderful ability to be able to see and vision things, this Symbol often brings a satisfying sense of abundance; it’s a time of ‘Harvest’, the sky is clear and conditions are perfect. The “Harvest Moon” is a positive sign, with high energy as it’s a time of fertility, abundance and “Illumination”. Reap the benefits of the work that’s been done; it takes a while to bring in the harvest. Take some time out to celebrate and connect with family and loved ones.

Keywords: Situations that are very ripe and full of fruition. Celebrating what you have. Expanded perspective making everything clear. A sense of achievement. Seizing the moment to make the most of what’s possible. Nature’s bounty. The beauty of the moon in the night sky. Talk unbelief, and you will have unbelief; but talk faith, and you will have faith. According to the seed sown will be the harvest. Ellen G. White

The Caution: Neglecting the tasks at hand because of the appearance of abundance. Achievements waning because of neglect. Wasting energy on inconsequential activities. “Lunatic” behaviour. Not being able to sleep.

Chiron symbolizes: Our wounds, Chiron is known as The Wounded Healer. The wounds are The Stories That We Tell Ourselves, it is where we have to focus on healing, it can show things that are out of shape or misplaced or in need of repair.


This Symbol shows situations where a lot of people gather together. It may be possible that some achievement has created a desire for a big celebration. Perhaps it’s a regular seasonal street festival that has brought all these people out. A sense of fun and give and take and feeling at one with people in a crowded street can bring new friendships, the chance to look at what’s on display, to buy food and goods and an opportunity to rub shoulders with others in a relaxed and friendly situation. People support each other and share in the festivities if they feel invited and included.

Keywords: Demonstrations of joy. Spectacular shows of solidarity. Ticker-tape parades. Community celebrations of victory or faith. Food and drink stalls. Mardi gras and gay pride parades. Being a participant or an observer. Having a following. Gaiety and spectacle. Performers, musicians, magicians. Street stalls. Traffic management. The mob. Lots of people. Cul-de-sacs. Carnivals.

The Caution: Egocentric displays. Blowing one’s trumpet. Closing off some areas of life, overplaying others. Problems with neighbors or people. Displays with little warmth or genuine communal feelings. Feeling like sardines in a can. Noisy neighborhoods. Loud music that annoys. Disruptive behavior. Hooligans and louts. Looting. Lack of privacy and quiet. Garbage on the street. Barriers between people.

The Moon’s North Node symbolizes: This is known as quite a ‘karmic point’ (although all planets and points in a chart can be ‘karmic’). One’s destiny in this life. The things you are meant to integrate, move towards, become. Destined relationships and relationship issues can show up here.


This shows the need to enjoy relationships, to share in the joy and camaraderie that can come from being part of a couple, or enjoying your friends and their relationships. “Singing” and making statements about love can bring happiness to those nearby and lift the spirits of all involved. There may be a feeling of contentment, pleasure, commitment and enjoyment of your partnership. However, is this really based on taking an uninvolved or non-committed position – “Sitting on a Fence”? Perhaps you find it difficult to actually commit one way or the other. To choose invites risks of separation, but conviction probably eventually needs to be chosen or rejected.

Keywords: Faith in love. Waiting for signs. Friendship and companionship. Issues of “that’s them and this is us”. Fences, borders and barriers. Showing love for all to see. Commitment to relationship. Mating for life. The need for honest communications. Singing. Speaking one’s truth.

The Caution: Sitting on the fence. Complaining about relationships. Waiting to see what the others do. Being stuck when one would rather fly off and be free. Having a fixed position. Not wanting to comply with the other. Neighborhood disputes. Noises from next door. Boasting of happiness.

The Moon’s South Node symbolizes: Past karmic patterns to be overcome, can be habits that are good, but can describe things, relationships, issues that you need to let go of, or, hold you back from manifesting your true destiny. Relationships that feel karmic and difficult, memories from the past.

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