Saturn And Chiron And The Stories We Tell Ourselves

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Mad as HellFeeling overwhelmed? There’s so much going on, and, Saturn and Chiron (which can be hard taskmasters) have the upper hand in the energy stakes right now… and Mercury, about to go retrograde – there’s also that, with the Trickster seemingly already around us a lot right now.  Are you finding yourself staring into space sometimes (or wanting to), and, wondering what the heck is going on? Jeez… the energies. Remember, worrying is praying for things you don’t want. 

Along with Saturn, we are having a major dose of Chiron now. Not only is it stationary direct, it is about to race through some of the most ‘interesting’ degrees in Pisces. Issues to do with having trust, faith, a belief in the good things in life, etc, can come up. And, we may find ourselves becoming more and more sensitive to the outside world. Sensory overload can set in and we may find ourselves on the lounge continually reaching for the remote control. (It seems that no amount of popcorn nor ice cream is going to help).

Along with some of the heavier manifestations of these planetary archetypes, we may find ourselves listening more and more and deeper to our intuition, and, ‘getting or receiving messages’ . The veil is quite thin at the moment, and, it’s by tuning into your higher frequencies that you can pick up what’s behind the veil… and, the veil needs to be pierced more and more as the energies can be extremely distracting, and can, if one is not careful, lead to worry, tiredness and depression. That can be the down side to the Saturn/Chiron emphasis at the moment.

As I’ve said many times, I see Chiron as The Stories We Tell Ourselves, and, of course, there’s the healer and the wound and the teacher. The biggest teacher we have though, is to listen to our ‘voice’. What stories do we tell ourselves? Does the monkey chatter help or hinder? Is there too much going on in your mind? If so, standing back and taking a listen to our inner (and outer) dialogue is a very interesting and instructive thing, especially now.

You can read more about what’s going on in my Gemini full Moon newsletter. Please note that the effects of the full Moon can stretch on for not only days, but weeks, and, sometimes, months. It all depends on what is ‘seeded’ now. These are big times. Right now, Chiron is asking that we be kind to ourselves and others – even if we just want to put our head out the window and yell: “I’m mad as hell and not going to take this anymore!”

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