Saturn on Sagittarius 5: An Old Owl Perched In A Tree

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Saturn is on Sagittarius 5: AN OLD OWL PERCHED HIGH UP IN A TREE

DSC_0193 luna head profile en azSaturn will go retrograde on this degree in a month’s time, around March 15, and it will then retrograde through this degree = it will be on this degree for an extended length of time.

Saturn here might be suggesting that we take a longer, deeper look at the things we see around us. What is it that we fear that could be dispensed with with a little detachment and observation? Are their situations that you’re not really taking enough notice of, or avoiding the truth of? Are there times when you speak when perhaps it would be better to keep it to yourself for the time being? Are there times when you don’t speak up when perhaps you should? Owls represent wisdom, but, along with that is their capacity to see, especially in the dark when others may not be so observant (or, perhaps are asleep = not awake to life’s realities, beauty or truth), and, they have an extraordinary capacity to hear. They sit and wait, very quietly. Perhaps this is what we need more of with Saturn here, although, sometimes we see things and need to speak up about them. It’s by pause and reflection that the right course of action is likely to come to light.

This Symbol implies the ability, or the necessity, of being able to quietly observe what’s going on around you. Owls can turn their heads right around and very little escapes their attention. At the same time, they’re not easily detected in the trees as they usually only come out at night. They wait and watch and listen before making their move. The wise “Owl” sees all, seeing what others miss, and keeps very quiet whilst digesting all that’s going on. There may be a need to consult with aged wisdom, either within yourself or from without. Emulating this behavior can bring feelings of solitude, but this may be just what’s sometimes needed. This degree can indicate insomnia caused by thinking or doing too much at bedtime.

Wisdom and strength. Evening contemplation. Night owls. Peripheral vision. Nocturnal vision. The spirit of birds. Silent flight. Acute hearing. Lofty ideals. Educated.

The Caution: Smug denial of available wisdom. Not saying anything even when it’s needed. Acting like one knows it all. Acting old before one’s time. Waiting for prey.

The photo of Luna the gorgeous European Eagle Owl (seen in my profile pic with me) was taken by Lindsay McKenna in Arizona.

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