Serenading And Loving It Or Being Conned And Manipulated? Jupiter on Cancer 20

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

SerenadingJupiter is on a degree that can have is analysing the messages we’re receiving or wondering about the messenger who delivers the messages. You may want to look at how sincere or full of meaning the things are that you’re hearing – along with checking out the true intent of the words you use yourself.

Jupiter is on Cancer 20 until around the end of May…

This Symbol speaks of the pleasure of romantic fantasy and the ability to see behind the charades that people often play. Romance, singing, being serenaded: although a clich√© in its form, it is still often special for the individual. This speaks of the ability to be able to break out from the constraints of social expectation and to let yourself float on the pleasure of romance. This is about finding ways to relate that satisfy emotional requirements. This is not exactly a time for seriousness, however don’t be fooled by an insincere charade.
Romantic fantasy. Emotional manipulation. Singing and music. Performances. Public speaking. Impressing people with the joy, romance and pleasure of fun. Winning people.
The Caution: Insincere charade masking what’s real. Retreating into one’s self. Saying what others want in order to get the right response. Superficial displays. Misplaced trust.


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