Some News To Share Around: Offers Of Readings, Etc.

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Telephone Linesmen communicatingHi All, happy Scorpio full Moon! The Sabian Symbol for it is Scorpio 14: Telephone Linesmen At Working Installing New Connections… May your times ahead be blessed with all kinds of good things; more prosperity, more fun, enhanced intimacy, more communications and loads of other good things to be grateful for.

I have recorded a rather long Daily Rave on this full Moon. Click here to listen to it. It is longer than usual, but I hope you enjoy it!

Further, I have good news. We are developing two amazing Lynda Hill 2-001 and wonderful apps for iPhone and Android phones. Stay tuned for more information. I have been trying out the Android ones on my Samsung phone and just loving them. So much fun and so convenient and so incredibly reasonably priced – they will be $5.

Meanwhile, I am doing another round of readings and have time available this week and next, so jump in and get one while the going is good. Click here for details  There is more information about my readings here, click here.

You can also buy a pdf of my Sabian Oracle Book, buy the hard copy of the book, or donate towards my project that is in development. Click here for details. I have a long way to go to raise the funds needed, so do please think about contributing by buying a reading or a book, a personalised Sabian Symbol report, or, donate to the cause.

You can also sign up for membership to the website – there will be new and wonderful things coming through that only members receive. So, please do subscribe from Level 2 on up! Click here for details. 

Enjoy! and cheers and greetings from DownUnder!

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