Something Completely Random – The Going On Strike Degrees In Gemini

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Cheesed OffThis is an extraordinary time – I have never seen anything like it. In all the years that I’ve been watching the planets – with the Sabian Symbols – I have never come across anything like this period. We have so many going on strike degrees going on that it is astounding…. not just a little bit, not just a lot, but an *extraordinary* amount of them… the full Moon is stacked with them (the going on strike degrees in Gemini), and, the weeks after still have it all going on. Truly, if you, or someone close to you, feels like throwing something, breaking windows, storming out, screaming or yelling – there is good reason.

The curious thing is that, in some cases, of course not all, we may not know exactly what we are angry or charged-up about. Perhaps there are too many things to be pissed-off about. Perhaps, just far too many freaking things. Anyways, all interesting – fascinating to observe – the Sabian Symbols are astounding… At least, if we can keep laughing, we can make it through without collateral damage… the words cheesed-off keep coming to mind.

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