Start 2017 with Purpose, Passion and Positivity: New Readings Available!

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If you want to start the new year with a stronger sense of direction and a plan to move ahead, check out my new readings!

In the spirit of the new year I’ve just refreshed my store and added new readings for the year ahead, including some shorter readings for those who don’t need or have budget a for a full reading right now (less than half the regular price!). You can now book Year Ahead Readings, Current Conditions Updates, Love, Career, Family or Money (Mini) Readings or Ask a Question (Email) Readings in the Sabian Symbols store.


main-year-ahead-1-1200x628Year Ahead Reading

Get a roadmap for the next 12 months with a personal forecast. Look at the big picture, discover what lies in your path and choose strategies to move forward with clarity and purpose. Perfect at the start of the year, your birthday or any time you want to plan ahead. This 75-90 minute interactive or recorded reading includes an overview of your year ahead based on your birth chart, Sabian Symbols and important influences (major planetary transits, progressions and degrees), plus a look at the dynamics and domains of your life that will be in focus. Learn more.


main-current-2-1200x628Current Conditions Update

Gain timely insights to navigate your life with a Current Conditions reading. Explore what’s going on, what’s coming up, and what actions you can take to achieve your current goals. Ideal for those who want monthly, quarterly or any time readings. This 75-90 minute interactive or recorded reading includes focused insights on your most pressing questions, aspirations and issues activated in your birth chart and Sabian Symbols. This is ideal if you want to explore what’s happening for you right now (through transits, progressions and degrees) in depth. Learn more.


main-mini-1-1200x628Love, Career, Family or Money Reading

Explore relationships, career, family or fortune in your birth chart. Discover your personal story in any of these domains along with an understanding of what is currently going on for you and how to bring more of what you want into this area of your life. In this 30 minute recorded reading you learn how your key planets, dynamics and Sabian Symbols play out in your chart, painting a rich and revealing picture to illuminate this area of your life. Learn more


main-question-1-1200x628Ask A Question

Do you sometimes have questions about your life’s path that you would just love someone to answer? This email reading is an opportunity to ask me for my insights on a particular issue that is on your mind. So useful when you have a burning need for a specific answer on a situation, relationship, astrological influence or chart, and ideal when you don’t need or have budget for a full reading. Learn more.


Regular Birth Chart Readings and my unique Soul Purpose (Draconic Chart) Readings are available, as well as packages, so if you haven’t read up yet on what’s included in these readings, head over to see the full selection in my store.

My readings weave together the Sabian Symbols with modern astrological analysis in a unique, intuitive and in-depth style to paint the pictures that colour your life and destiny. The Sabian Symbols reveal, brilliantly and amazingly, your spiritual path and where you are headed. Whether you are curious to learn more about your birth chart and Symbols, want to explore your potential, wonder how long a bad patch will last, or seek clarity on what your future holds, a personal reading empowers you to take control and can mark a major turning point in your life.

Each reading is tailored to your level of experience with astrology and the Symbols, offering profound revelations for those new to astrology as well as experienced astrologers seeking deeper insights into their own practice and lives.

If you know people you feel will really appreciate this opportunity, please share it!

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