The Sun On The Galactic Center: Sculpting Our Lives

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

a-sculptors-vision-is-taking-formThe Sun is on the Galactic Center for the next few days… it’s presently on  Sagittarius 27: THE SCULPTOR’S VISION IS SLOWLY BUT SURELY TAKING FORM – what is it that you are visualizing? What thoughts have been going through your head? What do you want to create? Where to from here?

This Symbol shows the ability, or the necessity, of being able to project one’s visions, thoughts or ideals out into the world so that they take form and come into conscious manifestation. This is the degree of the Galactic Center and it holds an enormous charge of energy and power, something not to be taken lightly. There is a responsibility inherent in this degree for you to understand that your thoughts will often take shape, so be careful about what you think! You may find yourself in situations where you can manipulate events into something of value and lasting integrity. Slow, painstaking work will bring rewards as things come to fruition. You are able to project shape and form onto materials to have a desired outcome. Follow your “Vision”, be creative; picture an outcome and watch it materialize!

It may be that our role on this planet is not to worship God but to create him. Arthur C. Clarke

The following is my full interpretation of this degree from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom 

Commentary: ‘The Sculptor’s Vision’ shows an image of some desired shape or outcome,A Man With An Urgent Task To Complete Does Not Look To Any Distractions a picture that is projected out onto the world through creative work. The fact that the ‘Vision Is Slowly But Surely Taking Form’ shows that slow and sometimes painstaking detail is needed to work towards something that is truly worth the time and effort.
Oracle: You are in a situation where you are able to manipulate things or events into something of value and lasting integrity. There is the ability, or the need, to project shape and ‘Form’ onto materials or situations to have a desired outcome; to have the ‘Vision’ actually be allowed to ‘Take Form’. Who and what we are in our more private moments right through to our public lives is largely shown through the life we manifest, the reality we see before us and create. This Symbol can indicate the changing of one’s body shape or gaining or losing weight so the appearance can fit the vision that one has in mind. Whatever ‘The Vision’ is, it is ‘Surely Taking Form’, and you’ll be able to see clues to how it’s shaping up in the situation facing you. The work that needs to be done, or the desired outcome, is finally able to take shape. However, it is a good idea to observe and decide whether the ‘Form’ that you want is actually what is eventuating or in the pipeline. Attention and work on the situation at hand will ensure a final outcome of one’s objectives. Be especially careful to ask for what you truly want or need. Is the ‘Form’ that is evolving truly resonant with who you are? Concentrate on what you want and don’t deviate from the ‘Vision’ as your work could be spoilt with one wrong stroke of the brush. Follow the ‘Vision’ and be creative; picture an outcome and watch it materialize.

Keywords: Concrete creative manifestation. The Godhead. This is the Symbol of the Galactic Center. Creating the ‘Vision’. Evolution. Things going from crude beginnings all the way up to concrete outcomes. Sculptors and sculptures. Molding shapes and forms. Seeing and visualizing things ahead of their time. Sticking with the creation.

The Caution: Disregard of others’ needs. Unnatural focus on the goal. Being one-eyed about the outcome. Watching a situation, or one’s life “crystallize” into unbending shapes. Having one’s designs set in stone. Sitting back and thinking that things will just magically happen without any effort being made. Others believing they know what you should do or be.

Within about 12 hours of posting this, the Sun will move onto Sagittarius 28: A SPLENDIDLY BUILT BRIDGE, A HERITAGE OF UNKNOWN AGES, STILL SPANS THE BEAUTIFUL AND WILDLY PRIMITIVE STREAM – we can be ‘the bridge’ for many things, we have the ability to span the distances between what we want and where we want to be going.

We are told never to cross a bridge till we come to it, but this world is owned by men who have “crossed bridges” in their imagination far ahead of the crowd. Speakers Library

New Harmony bridgeThis Symbol speaks of the ability, or the necessity, to be able to build bridges between places, people and events in order to bring them together and to add cohesion to society. The “Bridge” implies strength, dependability and passage to other places. The bridge was built many years ago and it presents the ability to be able to reach back into time, to reflect on what was important then and what’s important now. Often these values are one and the same. Traditional ways of approaching things can lead to the best solutions. There is a linking of people, places and things with clarity.

Enduring elements from past traditions providing a link with the modern. Reverence for things of worth that stand as reminders of yesterday. Permanence. Getting in touch.

The Caution: Sticking with old and possibly outworn methods. No new ideas to resolve situations. Continually traveling the “trued and true” path without deviating.

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