Look Up a Symbol

You can look up any Sabian Symbol with this free tool. Simply enter a degree of the zodiac and pull up the corresponding Sabian Symbol and it’s interpretation. You can also use it to check the Symbol of any planet or point in an astrological chart.

Note that it is set to looking up the actual degree. Although one normally rounds up the degree, with this form, just click on the actual degree in your chart. For instance, if in your chart Mercury is on 10.15 Aries, go to Aries and 10 and you will pull up Aries 11, which is the right Sabian Symbol. Using another example, if your Mars, say, is at 1.30 of Libra, go to Libra and 1 and you will pull up Libra 2. We’ve done it this way so people can look up what is actually in the chart – it can be confusing for some who are not familiar with the fact that one must add 1 to get the correct Sabian Symbol. To explain further – the zodiac starts at 0 degrees, but the Sabian Symbols start at 1 – so, you always round up to get the correct degree. When using this module, however, we have not rounded up, so just put in the degree and the sign.


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