The Antics Of Mercury With Mercury Retrograde Coming Up… Places To Land Ashore… ?

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

How amazing is this? Yesterday, while people – refugees – were escaping war on boats, walking, trying to catch trains or whatever, Mercury was on Libra 10: A CANOE IS APPROACHING SAFETY THROUGH DANGEROUS WATERS

Beaching A Big Boat Sea Bright, NJThis Symbol speaks of getting through difficult times in life and coming out the other side. It also infers being able to bring calm reassurance that a time of calm is approaching. The difficulties in your life may have been arduous, but they’ve added to your experience to cope with any difficult times that are yet to come. The calm is a time to review what has past and how you’ve come through the most difficult straits. Realizing that you’re on safe ground brings a sense of relief, and it will give you time to catch your breath. You may be the kind to go white water rafting in order to stir up your life somewhat; if there’s nothing whipping up around you, you may go looking for it.

The calm after the storm. Navigating difficult straits. Risky activities. Personal initiations. Trials. Inner calm. Rough waters vs. plain sailing. Retaining dignity under fire.

The Caution: Failing to rest. Taking foolhardy risks with the belief that all will be O.K. Freezing up and not moving. Shooting more rapids. Steering into dangerous waters.

I wish them luck – what an incredibly difficult thing to be going through. However, in less than two weeks, Mercury turns retrograde and I think that all kinds of hell are going to break loose… certainly, there is going to have to be a lot of ‘boat landings’ constructed (housing, food, clothing, documents of identity, etc) The following is the degree that Mercury goes retrograde on:


This Symbol shows the need to periodically rebuild parts of our lives that get swept away in difficult situations or “Storms”. Even things built on solid foundations can be swept away by the tidal wave forces of life or by the emotions. You may at times feel overpowered and that you need to pick yourself up in some way. You may have to reconstruct some usually secure part of your life, but you are wiser and will in future build something stronger. Finding tools to rebuild can create brand new opportunities on every level. A great use of this degree is to find yourself in the helping role or being a counselor for others who have difficult issues to deal with in their lives.

Temporary loss. Emotional repair. Insurance claims. The fragility of our world in the face of nature. Having ‘nowhere to dock’ one’s emotions. Putting pieces back together again.

The Caution: Making excuses instead of taking responsibility. Emotionally swamped and powerless. Feeling shot to pieces. Letting things wear down to the point of collapse.

I pray that it doesn’t become a huge, uncontrollable mess (although I sense that it’s too late… it already is).

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