The Big Decider? Super Tuesday And Mercury Saturn And Jupiter And The American Elections

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cultural ascensionWill Donald Trump run as an independent?

Will Donald Trump run as an independent? I have said this for months now and it’s becoming more and more obvious that he will. With Mars having just been on Sagittarius 3 for several days, the Symbol for which is  TWO MEN PLAYING CHESS – there’s bound to be a load of strategizing going on. Of course, there’s been the protests, the arguments and the accusations, and these are set to ramp up as Mars retrogrades over this degree again in coming weeks (and then later in the year passes over it again).

I believe that Donald Trump is set to wreak havoc on the Republican Party. Certainly it seems that they are very displeased to have him as their frontrunner.

The whole thing is so incredibly interesting, and, as usual, the Sabian Symbols tell the story.

The current Mercury/Saturn/Jupiter t-square has shown itself in interesting and stark relief in the lead up to Super Tuesday. The combination of Mercury and Saturn and Jupiter can bring a real push-me-pull-you feeling which can have people bounding around from optimism to pessimism and back again. The few days before Super Tuesday is fraught with tension, it’s like there’s a three-way tug of war going on. 

Further, Jupiter and Saturn can be seen in the campaigns of the candidates with their promises and rhetoric. It’s interesting to note the styles of Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton – there’s a definite Jupiter/Saturn energy going on at the moment.

For this Mercury/Saturn/Jupiter t-square – 


This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to be able to either hear or deliver important In A Huge Tent A Famous Revivalist Conducts His Meeting With A Spectacular Performancemessages, decrees or rules for living, to make sense of the various details of spiritual instruction, to be able to see who’s an authority worth listening to and who’s a charlatan. Seeing through false intentions or messages can be one of your talents. You may find that a need to organize and stage a display of the things you want to promote, teach or disseminate. This can bring a feeling of community togetherness in a common goal. This can, however, picture situations of hysteria or overstating one’s case. There needs to be a feeling of moderation and the ability to listen as well as speak. With the power to influence or sway groups of people, there needs to be care and moderation. Is the audience listening? Is the cause just?

Energy and inspiration. Having a lot to say. Evangelism. Whipped up emotions. Media circus. Instructional or dogmatic. Ecstasy. Loud voices. Mind control. Performing. Showmanship.

The Caution: Spiritualism for greedy financial gain. Big egos. Overblown feelings of abilities. Manipulation or exploitation. Controlling others. Bigotry. Getting worked up. and will be up until

And Saturn is squaring Mercury. This can bring a sense of seriousness, a feeling of brick walls (have you been feeling it?), worry, grief, pessimism, etc, but it can also mark a time when people know they have to work at things to get the results they need – people have to be proactive. Saturn rewards us for hard work when we find ourselves up against it – we have to rally and do the work and make sure our voices are heard. Not having one’s voice heard can feel quite alienating with Saturn and Mercury squaring each other – as they are now.

Saturn is on a degree that talks about the need for a type of resurrection, the need for people to come together as a community to celebrate social cohesion. Of course, people fall into their individual camps and Saturn can have it all feeling very serious and immediate. Saturn turns retrograde on this degree on March 25, so this feeling of having to ‘resurrect’ can be very strong, as can the idea of scapegoats, blaming, being forced into the wilderness, etc.

Saturn is on Sagittarius 17: AN EASTER SUNRISE SERVICE DRAWS A LARGE CROWD – as an aside, it is curious that Saturn will be stationing on this degree at Easter this year.

Vladimir Kush The Dawning Of A New DayThis degree shows the ability, and the necessity, of being able to rise up after difficulties in one’s life, somewhat like the Phoenix rising from the ashes. One needs to maintain hope and draw together with others who share a sense of faith in the future and in community and the goodness of life. There will be times of spiritual rebirth where you can rise above the failings of the past into new beginnings. Coming out of doubt and despair can lead to a new sense of love, faith and compassion. Join with others in a spirit of joy. There’s a need for unwavering faith in communal spiritual values.

Performing deeds with reverence. Communal expressions of faith. Peace rallies. Revivals. The need for faith in a bright future. Devotion. Worship. The phoenix rising from the ashes.

The Caution: Obsession with the ceremony rather than the purpose or ideal. Feeling unable to lift one’s spirits. Disillusionment and loss of vision. Holidays with no meaning.

Will Saturn bring a large turnout to vote? Perhaps voting records will be broken with a lot of people voting – unfortunately a lot of the voting is driven by fear with voters from all sides of the political spectrum worried about what is going to unfold.

Conversely in energy, at the same time we have Mercury also being opposed by Jupiter.

Jupiter is retrograde on Virgo 18:  TWO GIRLS PLAYING WITH A OUIJA BOARD – and don’t the pundits and the population want to know what’s going to happen? People will be (are already) looking into their crystal balls to predict what’s likely to unfold.

This Symbol can show a desire to contact deeper wisdom, within your self or from outside Two Girls Playing With A Ouija Boardforces. It often shows up in situations where intuition or clairvoyant energies abound, but it can also show immature, inquisitive energies that want to delve in deeply or to know about everything. The “Ouija Board” is a tool that gives assistance to focus on messages coming through. Of course, many different tools are available in the form of tarot cards, I Ching coins, etc. Youthful attempts at using these energies to discover the deeper meanings of life can bring surprising results. However, sometimes there can be little control over what is coming through from “the other side”.

Immature curiosity. Inner guidance. Easy answers avoiding responsibility. People working together to find clues. Friends with enquiring minds. Spiritualist mediums.

The Caution: Dealing with situations beyond your maturity. Continually looking for information. Naïve playing with potentially dangerous elements. Superstitious responses.

Tomorrow, around about 1.30pm on Super Tuesday in Washington, Mercury will move onto Pisces 19: A MASTER INSTRUCTING HIS DISCIPLE – Mercury sure feels like it will be doing some ‘instructing’, some lecturing, some pontificating perhaps (in the light of the previous degree of the Revivalist degree).

Teacher Instructing His DiscipleThis shows the ability, or the need, to be a student, a “Disciple”, or a teacher, a “Master”. At times you’ll find yourself being either one or the other. You may be the teacher or the pupil, but remember that it is often the teacher that learns and the pupil that teaches. This shows taking time for the transfer of higher knowledge and wisdom. It’s also a sign to listen to your own higher wisdom. Someone with something worthwhile to say will usually find someone eager to listen. When you have a need to learn something, it seems that the “Master” will always appear.

To give and to receive. Listening and learning. Knowledge, wisdom and spirituality. Knowing what questions to ask. Doing the homework. Manuscripts, books and lessons.

The Caution: Dogmatic instruction by rote. Talking down to others. Having a “know-it-all” attitude. Manipulating for a personal agenda. One-eyed attitudes. Unbending intellect.

In the afternoon, around 3.30pm, the Moon will move onto Gemini 28: SOCIETY GRANTING BANKRUPTCY, A PERSON LEAVES THE COURT WITH MIXED FEELINGS – the moon will be on this degree for a couple of hours. It seems that someone is set to leave the race and there could be a bitterness and loss. This degree can show someone leaving the race, but it can also show a feeling of being let off the hook – being free to pursue something that one has perhaps been fighting for for some time.

This Symbol shows that there can be collective responsibility for issues and problems that occur for individuals and that the collective can grant a second chance for people to get back on their feet. This could be a time to accept such an opportunity. There may be bitter disappointment, but relief from burdening pressure as people are let off the hook and transgressions forgiven. Someone may be feeling a sense of abandonment because people have not lived up to their responsibilities. Staying optimistic about the future will help shift life into another gear. Protection. Being free to get on with life. Starting back at square one. Renewal. Pardons. Forgiveness. Release of pressure. Booms and busts. Risks for money or position.

The Caution: Being let off the hook, able to commit mistakes again. Running full tilt and risking everything. Shifting responsibility. Going “off duty” regardless of consequences.

Then, around 9pm, the Moon goes into Cancer. How apt for such an event for the Moon to be in Cancer. The first degree is a very interesting one, and it leads me to think that Donald Trump may announce that he’s running as an independent either tomorrow night, or that fate is sealed tomorrow in some way. 

The Sabian Symbol for the first degree of Cancer (from 9pm until just before 11pm) is

Cancer 1: ON A SHIP THE SAILORS LOWER AN OLD FLAG AND RAISE A NEW ONE – when this degree shows up at a significant time, it often denotes a change of allegiance or loyalties.

This Symbol implies a time of dropping the old whilst adopting the new. To ‘Lower an Old Sailors On A Ship Lowering A Flag And Raising A New OneFlag and Raise a New One’ marks real turning points in one’s life. Something is changing, possibly dramatically, and the transformation should be taken seriously. Something that once was useful or valuable is, or has, ended and something brand new is beginning or emerging. There should be a symbolic gesture or expression of this change of allegiance. It may help to run any new ideas or plans up the “flagpole” to see if anybody salutes. You’re could change countries, professions, relationships, etc, as these are very significant times.

Changing loyalties. Turning points in obligations or duties. Announcing new standards. Letting go of old allegiances and taking up new ones. Divorces, marriages, shifts.

The Caution: Quickly rejecting the old just for the sake of change. Fickleness. Not sticking with things long enough to win the rewards of longevity or loyalty. Mutiny.

This is just a snippet of what’s going on, but it’s a meaning one, I believe, as Mercury is going to be highlighted tomorrow with the media, particularly social media, going off, people talking, people arguing, etc.

With the Sun on Pisces  26 tomorrow – 


We may see Donald Trump announce, or show more evidence, that he’s running as an independent.

This shows being able to see, or to accept, when it’s time for people to move on or to part from each other. They need to “Go Ahead With Their Different Projects” – their focus has changed and, quite possibly, they’ve parted ways. There’s a picture here of new beginnings. People will have their own response to situations – not everyone will react in the same way. It can be a good idea to direct some energy into your desires or projects at the time of the new moon. Light a candle and state your intentions with honesty and love. Diversifying.

Applying talents in new directions. People splitting up and splitting off. New opportunities and potentials. Divorces. New jobs, directions and destinies. New eras.

The Caution: Not giving emotional support. Feeling split off and alone. The fear and loathing of separation. Failing relationships. Overthrowing the old too quickly. Fickleness.

It will, as usual, be very interesting to watch this unfold.

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