Thank you, Lynda, for a wonderful reading.  It was incredibly insightful and accurate, pulling together what often feels like a whole load of opposing voices, energies and experiences into one picture and giving me a deeper understanding of what’s been happening.  The Sabian Symbols, in the way you use them, paint a verbal picture that builds up piece by piece until childhood and adulthood fit together and start to make more sense.  I loved hearing similar themes coming up on various degrees, emphasising particular aspects of my personality.  And the integration of the karmic and following degrees provided valuable insight into what I find comfortable and easy as well as what I tend to struggle with.  The progressions were interesting, adding a sense of the ‘flavour’ of different time periods.

And the icing on the cake were the many intuitive comments you threw in, without knowing me, that were ‘Aha’ moments for me.

Best of luck with your work – and I hope to be back soon for a Draconic reading!

Freya W. Ireland

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