The Moon’s Nodes – Taking A Siesta? Libra 14 And Aries 14

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

The Moon’s north node is on a degree that asks how we are using our energy. Libra 14: IN THE HEAT OF THE NOON, A PERSON TAKES A SIESTA

SiestaHow are you using your energy? Are you getting rest when you need it? Do you drive yourself too hard? Are you feeling the need to take some time out? Are you perhaps concerned that you can’t get yourself going?

This Symbol speaks of taking a rest when one needs to. At times, you may feel the need to take a break even though you are in the middle of a situation. To relax and recuperate will often serve to give you greater strength to complete the task at hand, also, being always on the go can be rather wearying. However, being lazy and unproductive is not the answer either. Taking a “Noon Siesta” can end up meaning taking hours and hours off work and not managing to make progress or get anywhere. Striking a balance between working too hard and not working hard enough is definitely the key.

Knowing when to stop. Daydreams and fantasies. Meditation. Midday rushes. Snoozing. Hammocks. Long lunch hours. Rejuvenation and the need for it. Taking breaks.

The Caution: Wasting time. Disinterested. Losing energy or interest when at the peak of activity or achievement OR refusing to take a break. Dropping from exhaustion.

Curiously, opposite The Siesta degree is the Moon’s south Node on Aries 14 – where Uranus has been for some time now. As we know, the Sabian Symbols came through in a ‘double blind’ type of experiment: neither Elsie Wheeler nor Marc Edmund Jones knew what Symbols (word phrases) were assigned to what signs or degrees, and yet here, opposite the degree of The Siesta, is the Symbol that is most likely the strongest Symbol of sexuality. Also noteworthy is the fact that Pluto is squaring the nodes – which can bring up intense emotions about what you should and shouldn’t or can or can’t be doing. Uranus is also conjunct the south node, showing the need, or the possibility, of letting go of issues from the past that are holding you back.

This placement of the nodes could asking us to let go of the tension that exists between us and others and to ‘take a siesta’ – to look deeper, to rest perhaps, to take some time out around the issue of relationships in order to see things in a clearer light further down the track. Perhaps we can’t keep up with the normal demands of life – relationships – work – the demands of others.

The Moon’s south node is on Aries 14: A SERPENT COILING NEAR A MAN AND A WOMAN

This Symbol shows that there is likely to be tense emotion, particularly around Serpent Coiling Between A Man And A Womanrelationships. There can be a sense of tension, fear and passion. Situations may arise where something or someone can try to come between you and a beloved. This can be a person, an event or an emotion. You may need to learn to let go and find new depths to your ways of relating and relationships. Are you looking for your Garden of Eden?

Enticement. Allurement. The revelation of archetypal knowledge that may not be ‘socially acceptable’. Temptations. Heated emotions. Passion. Kundalini energy.

The Caution: Feeling guilty about being afraid to express your feelings. Basic instincts and sexual energy. Jealousy. Using passion as a controlling device.

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