The Moon’s North Node And The Sun On The Jewish Rabbi Degree – Libra 20

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Over the last 24 or so hours, the Sun and the Moon’s north node (said by many to be a ‘karmic point) were on the same degree – Libra 20: A Jewish Rabbi In A Tiny Room Full Of Manuscripts And Books, Performing His Duty. 

And, with that, British MP’s have voted to recognise Palestine as a state. Rabbi

The Moon’s north node is still on that degree… The Jewish Rabbi – what is it that you feel you could be or should be doing? Perhaps this Symbol is saying that it is a good idea to stick to your spiritual path, continue learning and catering to the spiritual needs of your community


This Symbol implies a person having the role of administering the spiritual and ethical laws and rituals and rules for living for their society. No matter how large or small the role is, this Symbol implies being in touch with one’s roots and studying and learning how to translate the lessons and the benefits for others. There is age old wisdom and established tradition which has survived to this day and you may need to access this knowledge though instruction or an inner search in order to deal with situations. There are “Duties” and ceremonies that need to be performed, either for your self of your community. Do what’s needed with faith and reverence.

Ancient sources of truth and understanding. Faith in abiding laws. Inherited wisdom. Books, manuscripts and written laws. Ceremonies marking life’s journey. Initiations.

The Caution: Religious dogmatism. Too strictly following the rules”. Over-inflated sense of self. Distrust of people from different religions, backgrounds or ethnic origins.

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