The Moon’s North Node On Libra 13: Children Blowing Soap Bubbles

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

The Moon’s north node is on Libra 13: CHILDREN BLOWING SOAP BUBBLES

Soap Bubbles 2This is a fabulous degree and one of play and enjoying one’s creative abilities. Sometimes with this degree, we make art just for the sake of doing it. Art can mean many things – I have this as the Quest Degree of my Mars…. in part, I see this as my ability to see meaning in ‘captions’ (the Sabian Symbols). Captions are rather like soap bubbles… we release them and they go where they will.

The trick with this Symbol is that sometimes our words or thoughts are just prattle – it’s an interesting degree for sure.

The Karmic Condition (the degree before) of this degree is Libra 12: Coal Miners Emerging From A Coal Mine… we come out of the ‘mine’, out of the underworld, out of the depths, out of a hard period of work (whatever that ‘work’ might be) and we emerge again into the light. We need to remember to play after all that subterranean voyaging – and we need a shower (soap bubbles). (A good, tall glass of icy cold beer comes to mind – and I’m not a beer drinker 🙂 )

The pic of Robin Williams below is so these degrees – the Soap Bubbles and the Coal Miners – spot on in its symbolism!

This Symbol, Children Blowing Soap Bubbles, shows issues to do with play, make believe,Coal Miners and Children Blowing Soap Bubbles and fantasy. It is through simplicity and imagination that “Children” come together and enjoy play that is sometimes meaningless and yet very important to development. There is often a sense of being on the surface, not delving very deeply into life, however, there needs to be a lighthearted attitude and not to always be into the deep and meaningful, for it will be in fleeting moments of pleasurable wonder that you will find pleasure, joy and companionship. There can be a feeling, however, of a lack of depth in relating – like things that are said are like cartoon captions with little substance behind them.

Spending time being creative with children. Drama. Pollyanna attitudes. Toys and playing. Acting. Cartoons. Escapist attitudes. Fun for the sake of fun. Simple joys.

The Caution: Never growing up – Peter Pan attitudes. Frivolity. Daydreaming. Making light of the more serious. Not meaning what’s said. Impractical behavior. Gullibility.

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