The Moon’s North Node On Libra 19: A Gang Or Robbers In Hiding

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

The Moon’s north node is on Libra 19: A GANG OF ROBBERS IN HIDING

This Symbol implies that, at times in your life, you may feel that you have been wronged or something has been taken from you. Often, there is no real way of finding who or what Two Men Placed Under Arrest 2is the cause. It often happens that the feelings of loss or being taken advantage of are mostly in your own mind, making it difficult for you to trust or even to know how to trust. Make sure that there is no undermining of faith by indulging in suspicions that are ungrounded in reality. You could spend time searching for perpetrators, but a better solution is to get on with your life. However, do take precautions so you’re not easily taken advantage of. Things will most probably come to light when they are meant to.

Mental attitudes that sabotage, restrict or control. Counseling others to help them improve their lives. Alert to intrusion but not paranoid. The need for light. Spying. Ambushes.

The Caution: Unfair advantage at someone else’s expense. Finding it hard to trust anything. Difficult hidden energies that erupt into consciousness. Unbalanced mental states.

I have been feeling this degree myself this last week or so. I’m so over people who act without grace and like to take advantage of others. As this occurs now, I wipe people from my life. Cupid is knocking – the message of Venus now – but it helps to be discriminating about those who might harm us – they should *not* be allowed to get too close to your center.

So, the Moon’s north nodes are on A Gang Of Robbers In Hiding. I see this, and the degree before it, Libra 18: Two Men Placed Under Arrest Are Brought Before The Tribunal Of Society To Give An Accounting For Their Actions, as being a pair – they certainly talk about the need for transparency, fairness, balance and justice.

So, I had a talk with my friend Gretel yesterday (aka Madam Lash). I told her about how the Moon’s north node is highlighting the Gang Of Robbers In Hiding and The Two Men Placed Under Arrest. I was driving along, thinking about these degrees, particularly about the Two Men Placed Under Arrest. It was my birthday yesterday and I was visiting another friend, so I stopped in the bottle shop to buy some red wine. As I walked into the shop, a man asked me if I would like to try some wines. He had two bottles. Here is the picture. I HAD to buy both bottles when I saw the labels… read what is written on the bottom of the labels… if you can’t quite see what is written on the labels, the bottle on the left is named The Guilty and the one on the right is The Verdict.

One couldn’t make this stuff up!

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