The Moon’s North Node On The Reconstructing Our Lives Degree: Libra 16

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

The north node at the moment is calling on us to rebuild our lives in some way – to rouse ourselves and get going with our tools – whether it’s hammer and nails, emotional reconstruction, making major decisions, etc, and getting our lives back on track.

Beaching A Big Boat Sea Bright, NJIt’s been a hectic time for many, this transit of the north node in Libra as over the last month or two it has been going over some of the more gnarly degree Symbols in Libra… Libra 19: A Gang Of Robbers In Hiding – Libra 18: Two Men Placed Under Arrest – Libra 17: A Sea Captain Rocking On The Porch Of His Cottage... this last one could have people really reflecting on their lives after the storms of the ‘robbers’ and ‘arrest’ – these are metaphors, of course…. and, they function in our lives in mysterious ways. We may have had the ‘Gang Of Robbers’ revealed to us in some way, which can lead to the release of the handcuffs of the ‘Two Men Placed Under Arrest’. This can be very freeing. But, some people may be going through hell with this, especially in the realms of relationships – whether you’re in a ‘romantic’ relationship or not, this period is about relationships – relationships of all kinds. After feeling the ‘escape’ of the Sea Captain that just wanted to sit and observe and take things in, we need to get out our hammer and nails – our repair kits – and get going with building, rebuilding, reconstruction, resurrection, etc.


This Symbol shows the need to periodically rebuild parts of our lives that get swept away in difficult situations or “Storms”. Even things built on solid foundations can be swept away by the tidal wave forces of life or by the emotions. You may at times feel overpowered and that you need to pick yourself up in some way. You may have to reconstruct some usually secure part of your life, but you are wiser and will in future build something stronger. Finding tools to rebuild can create brand new opportunities on every level. A great use of this degree is to find yourself in the helping role or being a counselor for others who have difficult issues to deal with in their lives.

Temporary loss. Emotional repair. Insurance claims. The fragility of our world in the face of nature. Having ‘nowhere to dock’ one’s emotions. Putting pieces back together again.

The Caution: Making excuses instead of taking responsibility. Emotionally swamped and powerless. Feeling shot to pieces. Letting things wear down to the point of collapse.

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