The New Moon In Leo: A Message Being Delivered

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

This new Moon has a curious feel about it as we’re experiencing the 40 days and 40 nights of Venus retrograde at the same time. Further to that, Venus is conjunct (together with) the Sun and the Moon – a new Moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon are exactly conjunct.

ascensionVenus being retrograde and conjoining this new Moon means, in essence, that we are retracing our steps when it comes to things Venusian – relationships, issues to do with money and property, beauty, our relationship with our body, our sense of the feminine principle etc, etc. We’ve had Venus meeting up with Jupiter these last few weeks, which brings up the need for expansion, building, taking risks, breaking out of past habits, going into new territory, etc, but we also had Venus and Jupiter together exactly squaring Saturn, which can bring up issues to do with depleting, letting go of things that were once thought to be solid, the need to budget and cut back, the feeling of going without, of letting go of the old, letting go of relationships and friendships that no longer work. Feeling the weight of ambition can lead us to realise where we might not have done our best. And with the amount of Saturn we’ve been having, we might feel the need for a break or a holiday. We can feel like lead balloons right when we feel the urge to push through with projects, our dreams, our desires, etc.

It’s been a push me/pull you couple of weeks. I think that most people haven’t been sure if they are coming or going. With Venus retrograde, especially in Leo, we want to push forward, to shine, to splurge, to have fun, to be creative and care-free, to take some calculated risks, etc. Up/down, in/out, push/shove. Ugh. It’s been interesting though. Further, we have Mars entering Leo and into the fray and he will add to the desire to push through with creativity, the desire for love and romance, and, often, wanting to have fun and be carefree.

In amongst all of this, what I am hearing from a lot of people is that they have been feeling fine in amongst all that’s going on. So many are saying they are happy and pushing through, even though circumstances may be difficult. To me, this feels like a time of ascension – a time of moving up in so many ways (especially creatively, spiritually…)

The biggest trick is not to make too many big decisions related to issues to do with Venus, unless, that is, the writing is so on the wall about something that it is time to let that something go. If major decisions are to be made, but you’re unsure that the conditions are right just yet, it’s best to ride things out, to see how the chips fall in a few week’s time.

HOWEVER, Uranus on Aries 21: A BOXER ENTERING THE RING (the desire to run into ‘the ring’) is in a lovely trine aspect (120 degrees) with this new Moon on Leo 22: A CARRIER PIGEON FULFILLING ITS MISSION  – how to navigate that? Well, I think it’s perfect for exploring new territories, new possibilities, new opportunities and horizons, BUT, it might be a few weeks before you know whether things will pan out the way you expect them to. Great things can be accomplished now and it may just be that adjustments have to be made to iron out things in a few week’s time, so, it’s a matter of how REAL anything feels to you. Flights of fancy can have us missing our stride or pushing for something that doesn’t have any real viability in our futures. Some relationships will break up, others will make adjustments, big and small, and others could find themselves wanting to fully commit to each other. Only you will know what is right for you, but I think it pays to look and look and look again before making any leaps into an unknown reality as things can change when our perspectives take another look after Venus goes direct. BTW, Venus goes direct around September 6, which is about three weeks away, but it still then has to clear it’s ‘shadow’ period (retracing the degrees it has already traversed in Leo) which will take about another month.

With a bit of luck and concentration, we will be receiving the messages we need to be hearing/seeing/understanding. Especially as we have the following –


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