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This Symbol speaks of talent and the ability to use it and bring it out into the open so that others may enjoy. The Prima Donna is number one at her art: she gets center stage and fills people with joy at the sound of her voice. You, too, may want to use your voice or talents to sway your audience or those listening, although you could find that others may brand you as demanding attention. You could find that your talents will be tested to their extreme, but, if you can open your heart and let your inhibitions go, then you will please your audience and fulfill yourself. Where there’s a lot of voices, yours probably will be the one most listened to.
Powerful voice. Emotional dramatizations. Taking center stage. Messages that need to be heard for social reasons. Commanding attention. Having control and good timing.

Overplaying one’s role. Displaying noisily. Driving people to distraction. Not keeping quiet. Wanting everyone to listen or do what you want. Passions shown off.

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