Thank you for the energy and time you put into the reading. You have such a great grasp of your subject, and seem to be able to focus on what really matters. I don’t doubt that you’re expert at distilling the essence of the Sabians in the context of anyone’s horoscope, including transits and progressions – you certainly did so for me. The result was pure gold – very helpful, practical, yet inspiring.

Your experience and understanding of the symbols shone through the reading, making the complex way more understandable. I think your interpretation skills are critical – they made all the difference in getting across what really is currently important in my circumstances.

This kind of personalisation is what makes your reading so valuable to me. Now I’ve a better idea of what to focus on, what will work for me, and what may hinder me. And what not to get side-tracked by! You may not have always said what I wanted to hear, but I value your forthright advice  – I’m sure it will save me all sorts of angst, in the end.

Yvonne Wigman
Perth, Western Australia

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