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“The Sabian Symbols are…a series of symbolic pictures that are meant to arouse in the student a realization of the power of his own creative spirit.”

– Dane Rudhyar

More and more people in this new era are seeing how magical and mystical life can be. We are finding our way into much broader, enriching and rewarding levels. So many of us are now exploring the spiritual aspects of our existence; observing our lives and the effects we have on the people around us and on planet earth. Life today is increasingly complex, however, with so many decisions to make and puzzles to solve. We hunger for meaning and guidance and often want and need answers to life’s many questions – here and now.

As many of us already know, there are tools for discovering what’s going on, and why, which help us to find our path. Throughout history successive generations have created intuitive guidance tools that reflected the vibration of their culture and their times – the I Ching in ancient China; the Runes in Scandinavia; the Tarot in early Europe.

Oracles have been ‘read’ from an incredible array of objects including stones, bones, tea-leaves, coins, sticks, the backs of tortoise shells and cards. The word ‘oracle‘ comes from the Latin word meaning ‘to pray‘. It is also connected to the word for mouth. An oracle is described in Webster’s Dictionary as being ‘a divine announcement and ‘the medium by which a god reveals hidden knowledge or makes known the divine purpose‘. Further, it is said to be ‘an authoritative or wise statement or prediction‘. In essence an oracle is a tool that allows a conversation with divine forces. They give us signposts and maps so that we can make better, more informed choices in life. In truth, we have the answers to the questions we ask inside of us; however we often need the answers to come through a vehicle outside of ourselves. Now we have the Sabian Oracle, which gives us a direct route into issues that reflect our modern era.

During those times when we need direction, reassurance or answers to questions in our lives, we can employ the use of an Oracle to reconnect with this enormous inner world full of meaning and understanding. What does an Oracle do? Although it assists you, an Oracle is not there to give you THE answer. An Oracle is not there to do the work for you. It is there to give you the direction to access your own inner wisdom, the wisdom of the universe, for you to find your true direction and the pathway to the answer.

Based on the Sabian Symbols, first created in 1925, and consisting of 360 answers, the Sabian Oracle can be used to guide you through questions about our day-to-day lives: work, relationships, health, spirituality etc. Using the Sabian Oracle will help you to discover what’s going on and why, leading to deeper self-awareness. You are able to make more informed choices and greatly enhance your life. It provides a psychic and spiritual tool for deep guidance, insight and the ability to see into the amazing occurrences and synchronicities that occur to us and happen around us. You can ask questions about what your future holds, how to go about doing something, what you need to know about a situation or the people involved, directions on your spiritual path, or you can use it to get a message for the day. They lead us out of the wilderness into a place of greater self-determination, fulfillment and enjoyment. Using them also widens and enlarges our psychic abilities and awareness and increases our attunement with our intuitive depths.

The Sabian Symbols Oracle can be used by everyone. Absolutely no knowledge of astrology is needed to access the wonderful messages in the Symbols. However, if you have a knowledge of astrology, there is an almost limitless use of the Sabian Symbols in every aspect of astrological enquiry. The symbols add a fresh and vital human or inner depth to current knowledge and interpretation. Natal, mundane, vocational, transits, – everything! Tom Chetwynd, in his book Dictionary of Symbols says,

“Symbols have always been treasured as a means of releasing sources of energy from the unconscious.”

– Tom Chetwynd

The Sabian Symbols are a wonderful and complete system that will do just that.

“Man’s inner world is always more significant to him than his outer one, despite what may seem to be a much greater stability gained by the latter through its physical make-up or its historical continuity. The battles of life actually are fought, and won or lost, in the purely psychological and intangible areas of being.”

– Dr. Marc Edmund Jones

Lynda’s book, The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom, is a 400 page book which comes with a set of Oracle cards. If you enjoy using the online Sabian Oracle, you’re in for a treat, as the book contains far more information and advice than the online Oracle. You can share the book with friends, use it anywhere you go and watch what happens. The Sabian Symbols are extraordinary for insight, revelation and guidance. Miracles, big and small, happen in your life when you tap into their field. With the Sabian Symbols, you’re not only tapping into the circle of the zodiac, but also into what Marc Edmund Jones – the founder of the Sabian Symbols with Elsie Wheeler, the spiritualist medium – called an ‘ancient mind matrix’.

The rule I use for accessing the wisdom of The Sabian Symbols is that there are no mistakes, even if you read the ‘wrong’ interpretation, or find out later you’ve made some kind of mistake. There are no mistakes. We receive the message we’re meant to receive when we’re meant to. If a card falls or jumps (as they sometimes do) out of the deck, attention should be paid to it. For instance, if you’ve just selected a red card and its Aries and the number 18 falls out as you’re shuffling, you should continue, select another blue card, but refer to Aries 18 as part of your answer. Sometimes, the first answer outlines the actual situation, and gives advice about it. You may indeed need further guidance and consulting the Sabian Oracle again will provide deeper insight.

There are no rules for how many times you should consult the Oracle about a particular question, but it must be remembered that time should be taken in considering what it is telling you. The first answer is most likely to contain the purest expression of the situation and any subsequent queries on the same matter will show added layers and descriptions. Unfortunately, continuing to pull the cards until you get the ‘right answer’ is not a good way to go about it, as you can become confused and lose the wisdom that should really be helping you. You can also make up your own spreads. For instance, you could pull three cards about an issue: one for the past, one for the present and one for the future. The possibilities are only limited by the imagination.

A magical tool we can all use: Remarkable things happen when we use the Sabian Symbols. Events can become unreal and multi-layered. Watching the Symbol come alive around you expands your sense of everything being interrelated and synchronous events happen more and more often. Things often occur that defy explanation.

Start using the online oracle or explore all the symbols in the book.

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