The Sun And Uranus on Aries 17: Two Prim Spinsters Sitting Together In Silence

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

The Sun and Uranus are conjunct today (on the same degree) – this can bring about a sense of the need for a personal revolution of some kind – the desire to break free of restrictions, to say goodbye to the past, to let go of something that’s been holding you back, to drop some negative habits and attitudes.

Spinsters Sitting TogetherThe Sun and Uranus here can be saying ‘f that!’, I’m doing things my way…

It can point to letting go of people… especially those you can’t communicate with, or, those who are jealous, judgemental or a drag on your energy.


The ‘Two Prim Spinsters’ do not have to be ‘Sitting Together In Silence’ – I’ve seen this degree around people who have plenty to say, and they can be bringers of fabulous insights, but they may not like small-talk, or, talk that has no basis to it, no depth. There can be a non-stop gab fest with this degree around… it’s all about how we communicate and who we communicate with… the following is my shortened interpretation of this degree…

This Symbol shows that quiet withdrawal might be just what you need, but it is easy to American Gothic - Grant Wood - Spinstersbecome isolated in conservative, albeit moral, ideas. You may find that there is only a select, restricted group with whom you wish to associate. Be wary that this false sense of security doesn’t isolate you from change and growth. Unresolved issues can lead to stunted emotional responses. Look for opportunities to open up to new possibilities.

Loosen up emotional blockages. Holding onto ones original identity. Not wanting to compromise because of social expectations. Relationships that have a “quiet knowing”.

The Caution: Emotional insulation. Refusing relationship. Pretending to be something. Disapproval of younger, more vital energies. Being fussy and judgmental.

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    Dear Lynda: like love at first sight, you’ve proven to be insight at first sight. Through the desert initiation can sometimes be, you have time & time again filled my Grial cup. How could I thank you enough. Two prim spinsters: When everyone has shut their door in my face, I’ve found comfort in your reading. F’ their non sense! It’s time to bring out my ole books and research my own answers !

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