The Sun On A Moving Into A Higher State Of Conscious Degree: Scorpio 23

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

I just love how life shows me the Sabian Symbols, sometimes in rather obscure ways…. I saw this graphic on Facebook this morning, right when the Sun is on Scorpio 23 – A Rabbit Metamorphosed Into A Nature Spirit. – how are you traveling with this idea? Metamorphosis anyone?


A Rabbit Metamorphosed Into A Nature SpiritThis Symbol shows ascension or evolution to higher states of being. You may find your self, at times during your life, having a transformative realization that will take your focus away from the baser, animal instincts, to a more evolved, higher spiritual perception. This can lead to having higher codes of living; operating on elevated planes of being. Coming to terms with one’s vital energies can free you up to find a higher state of being. This can feel like a “Metamorphosis” – like you’re morphing into someone different, perhaps someone quite unique from others. Ascension in consciousness is likely to be happening – enjoy the ride!

Revelation of hidden talents. Moving into a whole new level of existence and being. Vegetarianism. Elementals. Nature spirits and fairies. Evolution. Complete changes.

The Caution: Being dissatisfied with one’s transformation. Feeling ineffective or impotent. One’s sexual power taken away. Feeling ‘neutered’. Neglecting body.

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  • DC

    Now, there is a perspective!
    Great photo for this symbol Lynda!

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