The Sun On Aquarius 24: Turning Your Back On Things That No Longer Work

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

The Sun today is on Aquarius 24 – the Sabian Symbol for which is: A MAN TURNING HIS BACK ON HIS PASSIONS TEACHES DEEP WISDOM FROM HIS EXPERIENCE –

Magritte - MirrorWhat are you, or what do you need to, turn your back on? What is it that you need to let go of? Is it a relationship, an attitude, a place, a job, a belief, memories from the past perhaps, an idea you’ve long held as your ideal, etc? What can you show yourself, or others, that you have learned from your experiences? Are you able to walk away from something with your head held high?

This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to be able to transcend difficulties and things that lure you off your path and then turning around and being an example to others for how they can live their lives. At times in your life, you may feel that you can no longer survive the roller-coaster ride of your emotions. It is by controlling your “Passions” that you will be able to find an objective position that allows you to understand your life and to move forward. You can benefit everyone by teaching the new wisdom and understanding that come after having gone through some hard life lessons.

Conquering one’s base nature. Changing through maturing realizations. Reforming one’s ways. Being an example so others might learn. Turning your back on what went before.

The Caution: Giving up on emotional growth. Dissatisfied with life. Dropping society. Sticking to things no longer useful. Stubborn refusal to move forward. Addictions.

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