The Sun on Cancer 30: The Daughters Of The Revolution

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

The Sun is on the last degree of Cancer – Cancer 30: A DAUGHTER OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION

Daughters Of The American Revolution– what ‘revolutions’ can you cook up in your life? What needs changing? What affirmations can you make towards a better, freer life? What traditions no longer serve you, even if they’ve been in place for a very long time?

This Symbol shows the ability or the need to stand up for an ideal or a situation that demands your involvement. This could be about political or social revolution, or fighting for changing the status quo. Relying on old traditions that were, in their day, radical and transforming, may no longer work. The difficulty is that these traditions are more predictable, conservative values that may no longer seem relevant to today’s needs and aspirations. Despite your inner feelings of modern freedom, you may come up against those that are more conservative and unmoving.

Being bound by social conditioning. Leading the charge to break down the barriers of tradition. Sacrificing oneself for the larger picture. Wanting change. Fighting the norm.

The Caution: Supporting battles that have already been won. False feelings of superiority. Narrow-minded conservatism. Glorifying the past. Having to be ‘in the club’ to be accepted.

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